Sales and Stock Alerts

How Sale and Stock Alerts Benefit Both Brands and Consumers

Year after year, brand manufacturers continue to adopt new marketing practices while hoping to connect with today’s on-the-go consumers — but these practices don’t always offer equal benefits for brands and consumers alike.

Services like PriceSpider’s Sale and Stock Alerts, ensure that shoppers never have to leave empty-handed — while also funneling helpful analytics back to brand manufacturers. By simply providing an email address, online shoppers are instantly notified of price drops to certain items or when they come back in stock at their preferred online retailer. As a result of this convenient step forward in retail technology services, consumers and brand manufacturers are all reaping the rewards.

While retailers and consumers enjoy the many perks of services like PriceSpider’s Stock and Sale Alerts, brand manufacturers are benefitting as well. With each new email address and every request for an alert comes a valuable source of analytics that can be used to better segment and target audiences. By electronically signaling their interests, consumers are providing fuel for well-informed marketing campaigns with projectable numbers.

Today’s average consumer has higher expectations than ever before. They demand convenience, efficiency, personalization and competitive pricing. Concepts like Sale and Stock Alerts combine these qualities to meet each shoppers’ specific needs — targeting the items they want when they want them. That means real-time inventory and real-time discounts.

Online Retailers
Why have a full inventory of top quality items if no one knows about them? For too long, online retailers have struggled to keep in-stock items both visible and accessible to potential consumers. Thanks to Stock Alerts from PriceSpider, online retailers can maximize opportunities for those on the hunt, increase brand sales and cultivate better reliability.

As a result of this savvy step forward in e-commerce, brand manufacturers are gaining greater access to vital data that’s used to inspire profit and growth. Ultimately, building digital customer profiles is the key to success – especially in a world where online shopping is becoming more ubiquitous by the day.

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