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Actionable Digital Shelf Analytics

Our brand commerce solutions help brands optimize the digital shelf with analytic tools that allow them to monitor digital commerce, track performance, drive conversion, and ultimately take action based on these inputs. PriceSpider is the world's only brand commerce platform that gives control of the customer journey back to brands.

Digital Shelf

Visualization – Conversion – Optimization

Enable Your Marketing to Influence ROI at Every Possible Touchpoint

Take back Control of the Customer Journey and Expand Your Brand Beyond its own Borders

What if you could let consumers experience your brand the way you want them to? Optimizing their path for conversion everywhere they go while driving customer loyalty? We’re talking full visibility from discovery to purchase and everything in between, ensuring your customers experience your brand the way you want them to.

PriceSpider's Brand Commerce Platform at its Core

Bridges the gap between brand and digital marketing, influencing ROI throughout the entire customer journey. This equips marketers for any brand to optimize their entire ecommerce enablement ecosystem.


Where to Buy Solutions

As the flagship product of our brand commerce platform, PriceSpider’s Where to Buy Solution has a lot of functionality, from product location capabilities to making all media shoppable. Unlike other where to buy solutions ours actually helps brands take control of the customer journey and optimize it by understanding consumer shopping behavior and offering full-cart visibility and insights. Drive sales conversions and optimize the customer journey with Where to Buy.

Prowl MAP Monitoring Solutions

Protecting your brand starts with optimizing the customer journey…the experience your brand fans have when interacting with you at any point along the path to purchase. The brand integrity side of PriceSpider's brand commerce platform helps brands take control of that journey and this results in a better experience across the board. Monitor sellers, discover unauthorized ones, and enforce your MAP Policy, efficiently and effectively with Prowl.


Brand Monitor Solutions

PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution is another layer of discovery within its Brand Commerce Platform. Brand monitor helps brand's see what’s happening with their 4Ps, product, placement, pricing, and promotions across the digital shelf and everywhere their brand is sold. Monitor all content across product detail pages and optimize your promotional dollars and share of search. Brand Monitor gives you efficient and effective tools to optimize the digital shelf.

Brand Marketing
Meets Performance Marketing

Bridges the gap between brand and digital marketing, influencing ROI throughout the entire customer journey. This equips marketers for any brand to optimize their entire ecommerce enablement ecosystem.

In Good Company

Each day, PriceSpider's brand commerce platform monitors over 500K+ products, their stock availability, prices, and locations across thousands of global ecommerce sites. This is near real-time crawling technology that is on 24-hours a day. PriceSpider partners with the world’s largest retailers to arm top brands with actionable data.


PriceSpider’s Proprietary Global Data Crawling Network

You call it…we crawl it

PriceSpider has an unmatched global retail partner network with more international ecommerce data than anyone, making it the premier brand commerce platform in the world.

Countries Implemented
Retailers & Sellers
Total Brands

Our Purpose is to Help Your Brand Achieve its Purpose

It’s all about helping brands and fans thrive. To empower you to make people’s lives better by enriching their relationship with brands they love (you)

Digital Shelf Optimization – Upping your Ecommerce Enablement Game

We build technology solutions that optimize the digital shelf through insights that help drive purchases and protect brand integrity, resulting in a choice customer experience.

What our Customers Say

“PriceSpider's Where to Buy tool is best in class. It helps us provide the optimal shopping experience by helping consumers easily find where our products are sold and buy from their preferred retailer.”

Robin Shea, Digital Marketing Manager,
Lamplight, Tiki Brand

“Being able to quantify the role plays in the consumer journey has been a huge win for us internally. We’re able to understand our retailer relationships better, our product line better and overall better understand the role we can play as a manufacturer in the direct to consumer space.”

Matt Weiss, Ecommerce Manager,

“Partnering with PriceSpider has allowed us to provide accurate information on where to buy our products. Since we don’t sell directly online, this has greatly improved our ecommerce capabilities.”

Kristen Isham, Manager, Digital,

“PriceSpider’s MAP tool technology has significantly improved Epson’s visibility and efficiency to monitor reseller channels for policy compliance. Consistent monitoring and enforcement of Epson’s MAP Pricing Policy helps to build reseller confidence and strengthen the partnerships.”

Katre Kruss, Sales Program Analyst, Pricing Policies,

“Price Spider has given TIGI the vision to see end to end sell through for our Bed Head customers. As a B2B company, this is vital knowledge in understanding our end consumers’ shopping behavior.”

April Pruitt, Digital Deployment Manager,
TIGI America | Marketing

PriceSpider's Vision

To help brands and fans thrive together by connecting a digital ecosystem for fans to experience, learn, find, and buy brands

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