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Where to Buy solutions trusted by world’s largest consumer brands | Nearly 2,000 brands | Real-Time data

Our Where to Buy Solutions are more like buy anywhere​

Think of it as managing your digital touchpoints and learning how people shop for your brand. Then taking those insights and optimizing your customer journey to drive sales. ​

When brands, retailers, and consumers are all connected well…everyone wins. PriceSpider brings together your digital ecosystem so that you can impact every part of the customer journey. ​

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Where to Buy Solutions - Shoppable Media

Make your brand shoppable across places where consumers are and ensure it is optimized for sales conversion — track ad performance, and analyze results.

Different touchpoints for conversion
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Where to Buy Solutions to maximize consumer conversion

Make your brand shoppable across all possible digital touchpoints and light the path to purchase. Then see what purchase decisions consumers made, what retailer or seller they bought your products from, and what they ultimately bought, even if it wasn’t your product. Where to Buy Solutions that deliver continued insights into this purchase behavior arms you with the tools you need to improve the customer experience and maximize sales conversion.​

Where to Buy

Our Where to Buy Solutions aren't simply a product locator technology; our flagship consumer conversion product is your starting point to drive sales for your brand. Start with Where to Buy, and then customize additional product modules to further optimize conversion and visibility into consumer shopping behavior.

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Ratings & Reviews

This Where to Buy Solution product module enables the retailer’s ratings & reviews feed to populate on your Where to Buy page displaying information from other customers’ evaluations. Where to Buy product pages with ratings and reviews convert an average of 30% higher than pages without them. You can customize and automate Ratings & Reviews to prioritize specific retailers that have the most reviews, most positive reviews, and have your product in stock.

Social Media applications

Social media is a main connection to consumers and for years brands have been trying to ”crack the social media code.” What if you could not only grab positive brand impressions with your social channels; but optimize them for sales conversion while connecting directly with your brand fans? Whether promoted or organic, this Where to Buy Solution product module optimizes social channels for conversion.

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Stock + Local Stock + BOPIS​

This Where to Buy product module enables your Where to Buy solution to pull data on all online inventory, local in store stock with retailers like Target, Walmart, and Walgreens depending on a customer’s location, and then also enables them to purchase your products from their selected retailer and pickup that product later in store or via curbside pickup. It also enables a sale and stock alert which encourages customers to sign up for email alerts and communications from your brand. Having another tool to build your direct to consumer communications list is most definitely a win. ​

Product bundling and recipe​

Our product bundling and recipe product module creates a seamless customer experience for fans that also optimizes the experience for sales conversion. With this module, everyone wins, the customer, the retailer, and the brand. Let’s say a consumer is looking to make some Mexican bread pudding. In this example, Nestle put a ”Buy Ingredients" button on their recipe page, and it groups together all ingredients needed to make the recipe and sends them to the retailer to purchase. One-click shopping leads to massive optimization of the customer experience and, yep, you guessed it, drives sales conversion.​

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Universal tracking – Influencing ROI

This little bundle of tech joy is the secret behind making all of your media...SHOPPABLE. Imagine as a marketer being able to influence your marketing ROI and measure specifically what digital marketing campaigns drove actual purchases. When you control the customer journey, and drive traffic to your where to buy solution page, you get visibility into every action from discovery to sale. It gives you metrics on every part of the customer journey, lets you retarget, and lets you optimize and justify your marketing dollars. This is digital performance tracking gloriousness.

Insights portal

Data is only as good as the insights that come from it. PriceSpider is unique because it has the most sophisticated and complex data acquisition technology there is. The PriceSpider tech trifecta...Discover, Match, Crawl. We crawl thousands of ecommerce sites and take that information to provide you with applicable action to inform you on shopper behavior and changes you can make to increase sales conversions. ​Our Where to Buy Solutions deliver actionable data that gives you the power to drive efficiency throughout your customer journey.

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Ultimate Where to Buy Solutions that help top consumer brands drive sales