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Retailers and brands are both focused on improving the customer journey across the digital shelf. Both parties profit from happy customers that shop where they want, when they want, and how they want. Now retailers can accelerate sales by bridging the gap between brands and shopping location, all while improving the overall customer experience.

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Why become a partner?

PriceSpider’s Where to Buy technology adds retailer purchase options to brand websites, taking consumers directly to their favorite retailer’s product detail page to learn more and purchase products.

Displaying your logo with a direct link to your website on your brands’ partner websites can boost visibility, drive high-quality leads, and result in more sales, often even sales for products outside of the brand’s traffic you received.

PriceSpider optimizes the customer experience by connecting brands with shoppers and shoppers with retailers, delivering data-driven insights that shorten the path to purchase, and drive more sales conversions.

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Join the PriceSpider global retailer network

Drive more sales as part of the Shoppable solutions leveraged by top brands

Brands equipped with PriceSpider’s Shoppable Media Technology are able to send traffic from digital advertising directly to retailer partners or even to an “add to cart” page shortening the path to purchase and driving sales conversions at retailers.

Phone shoiwng Pampers Facebook campaign

See how Pampers ran a Facebook campaign using PriceSpider technology:

Using PriceSpider’s shoppable solutions, Pampers ran a Facebook campaign that fast-tracked customers directly to Walmart’s PDP prompting shoppers to add the product to their cart with one click. This is perfect for retailer specific promotions for regularly purchased goods and spontaneous purchases.

Benefits for Retailers

High quality traffic

  • See which brands send you high quality traffic
  • Become a shoppable destination for multiple touchpoints
  • Access to the diverse customer base of PriceSpider’s Brand Network

Increased sales

  • High quality traffic means - higher conversion rates
  • The ability to qualify for - Shoppable media campaigns - with specific brands
  • Increased marketing exposure means more sales

Better partnership

  • Become a preferred retailer - partner for brands
  • Align with brands to optimize conversion and build specific retailer loyalty
  • Receive reporting and analytics from brands to support data-driven decisions that optimize the customer journey

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