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Sell any product on any media channel in three clicks or less with PriceSpider shoppable solutions.

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Discover why the world’s most loved brands choose shoppable solutions from PriceSpider

PriceSpider's Shoppable solutions

These days, there is no one-size-fits-all customer journey. With a constant flow of purchasing opportunities and countless ways to buy online, the path your customers take to purchase isn’t always so clear. And that lack of visibility makes optimizing, and ultimately capitalizing on the customer experience next to impossible.

PriceSpider gives control of the buyer journey back to brands, empowering them to make any touchpoint shoppable.

Integrates with all of your media channels

No matter where shoppers discover your products, PriceSpider shoppable solutions ensure a seamless, fully-branded path to purchase—so customers can purchase anytime, anywhere, from any touchpoint in three clicks or less.

Touchpoints for Conversions
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Make every moment shoppable

Never lose another customer engagement to tangled, third-party shopping experiences. Take control of your brand’s customer journey with shoppable media solutions from PriceSpider.

Simple setup

Easily build product campaigns, create branded landing pages and optimize marketing spend on the fly in our user-friendly self-service portal.

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Actionable insights

Make informed business decisions with three different end-to-end reports on your entire campaign performance – including purchase intent and conversions – from first impression to final sale. All available in your easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

Brand control

Pair your shoppable media campaigns with Brand Monitor and Where to Buy solutions to ensure your products show up consistently across the digital shelf.

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Take control of your brand once and for all with shoppable media solutions from Pricespider.