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PriceSpider identifies over 500,000 MAP policy violations a day​ Nearly 2,000 brands | Real-Time data

Optimization begins with brand integrity​

The key to long term success is brand health. It’s ensuring a consistent experience across all touchpoints, protecting your brand, pricing, and driving brand loyalty. Monitor pricing integrity, discover unauthorized sellers, and enforce your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy with actionable insights to make changes to optimize the customer journey. With our comprehensive MAP Price Monitoring Software Prowl, you get the most efficient and effective solution there is to prioritize and enforce your MAP Policy.

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What can you achieve with Prowl - MAP price monitoring software?​


Consumer behavior, retailers, sellers, competitors


Data collected to make informed decisions​


By taking action and enforcing compliance


PriceSpider's MAP pricing technology crawls thousands of ecommerce sites to give your brand eyes and ears on everything from consumer shopping behavior, retailer and seller activity, and competitive activity. We match products with UPCs, and SKUs across global retailers and sellers all over the internet. With Prowl MAP Monitoring Software, your brand, competitive brands, and the data we gather has nowhere to hide.

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Now that the crawl is fully functional and delivers data multiple times per day, it’s time to take a look under the hood and see what’s really happening out there… through the Prowl MAP Price Monitoring Software Dashboard, we provide brands with insights on actions they can take to optimize their brand and products. Set data benchmarks, find MAP violations, and identify unauthorized sellers and authorized ones that are out of compliance.

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Now here’s the fun part…taking the learnings from the monitoring and analysis of all that crawled data and putting it to work for your brand. Enforce pricing policies and remove friction from the whole journey all while improving the customer experience and driving sales conversions. Prowl MAP Price Monitoring Software arms you with the tools to take action and hold sellers accountable.

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Prowl MAP price monitoring software - Identify and manage pricing violations​

Do you really know? Pricing is a fickle thing especially in the age of ecommerce. Millions of websites and thousands of unknown sellers make for a shady secret sauce of undercutting and multiple races to the bottom. This is bad for your margins, bad for your customers, and bad for your brand. That’s why we created the most comprehensive MAP Price monitoring software technology there is and one that will have your brand’s back, especially when your sellers don’t. ​


Prowl - Seller discovery

Prowl MAP Monitoring Software searches the internet like a consumer would (only at record speeds of course) searching by product name and other differentiators instead of just UPC or SKU. Our competitors often search only by SKU or UPC, when sellers don’t always use these identifiers in their listings, and consumers don’t search that way. We also search an unlimited number of sites and more marketplaces. The result is that we end up finding up to 3 times more product listing than other services AND we return more accurate data.

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Prowl - Price monitoring

Prowl MAP Price Monitoring Software captures pricing data every three hours, including nights and weekends. Most of our competitors are searching 1-3x per day, and so many pricing games can happen within that time. A lot of sellers play games on nights and weekends when they think brands aren’t looking - you might find that someone you thought was a trusted partner is doing this behind your back. Prowl finds prices at the source: the actual website or marketplace listing, NOT the stale Google Shopping feed, that can be days old.​

Prowl - Unauthorized seller investigation

Prowl MAP Monitoring Software finds out who the unknown sellers are in the discovery phase and then our tech really gets to work by using our smart database of public contact information that recognizes seller name changes while also supplementing this with your own seller contact info as you uncover it. This allows you to see parent/child relationships among sellers through deep-links to Whitepages, BBB, and state registration pages. We also have the most comprehensive seller database thanks to our partnerships with multiple gray market seller investigation services, giving you more identified seller coverage than any MAP Monitoring Software out there. ​

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Prowl - MAP enforcement

Prowl - MAP enforcement

Prowl MAP Monitoring Software integrates with your email client and domain, so you can send communications from Prowl, but comms will come from the email address your brand sets up (ie It will also CC or BCC anyone you designate. It also has the ability to send violations to a seller in bulk with one-click. This allows a brand control of MAP enforcement and saves it from the blunders of automated MAP enforcement. Recipients receive a time-stamped PDF as proof of the violation. You can send violation notices to current violators as well as notices to what we call “historic” violations (those who have since corrected price but were violating previously).

Drive brand value

A brand is only as strong as its perceived value that is fueled by the customer experience. Our Prowl MAP Monitoring Software helps brands discover unauthorized sellers, investigate sellers, monitor pricing and competitive pricing, and enforces Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policies (North America only), ensuring your brand is not only protected, but optimized and loved because the one key element to brand fan love is consistency.

Discover how top consumer brands protect brand integrity and drive margin​ with Prowl MAP monitoring software