Our story

We are a company on a mission to breathe life back into the buyer’s journey and help people fall back in love with the brands that make them thrive.​

You have to crawl before you can walk...until you realize that crawling allows you to see ALL the details where na’er a data point is missed.

The best ideas are nurtured, guided, and developed. In the case of PriceSpider...incubated. Now, this wasn’t a flyby night incubator in the basement of an Erlich Bachman-esque blowhard. This was tech incubated inside of Neudesic, a technology consulting company where both Anthony Ferry (Neudesic Co-founder and Co-founder and CEO of PriceSpider) and Jon Pfortmiller’s (now Co-founder and President of PriceSpider) worked together to warm Jon’s innovation up in the Neudesic Incubator.

And like many well cared for ideas, PriceSpider crawled out of Neudesic, a force of valuable data acquisition technology. The mission?...To fight their way through the internet to save the world from bad pricing!...Among other things, helping online shoppers find the best deals, sellers, and stock availability, on consumer electronics, the early adopter industry of ecommerce. PriceSpider originally was an internet tool that served consumers. As ecommerce first emerged, tech companies like PriceSpider were honing their value to the world, literally finding their way in the technology gold rush.

However, Google’s ever changing algorithms proved to be quite a steep hill to climb in order to maintain its consumer services, and over time, PriceSpider’s crawling technology evolved to be an incredibly valuable technology for consumer brands. Jon’s life’s work of developing the proprietary crawl tech that makes PriceSpider a must-have brand commerce solution for any brand dealing in ecommerce, proved to be a perfect formula for the SaaS (Software as a Service) business model.

Today, PriceSpider serves many of the top Fortune 500 global brands. Our Brand Commerce Platform is revolutionizing retail data technology by capturing actionable insights that improve the customer experience.

Combining decades of data on consumer shopping behaviors with its proprietary data collection platform, PriceSpider arms brands with intelligence from thousands of ecommerce sites and marketplaces to help them drive sales conversions and protect brand integrity at every possible digital touch point.

PriceSpider helps the world’s brands, big and small, to enrich the consumer journey and build long-lasting relationships with their shoppers, resulting in more revenue and higher profit margins.