Our employees & culture

In it together

At PriceSpider, we help brands from around the world make the shopping experience more human. And what is more human than shopping for our necessities and luxuries. The beauty of commerce is opening ourselves up to something new. 

At PriceSpider we’re always looking for the best talent, to serve the best brands on the planet, no matter where you hail from, what background you have, or how you identify, you have a home at PriceSpider. No extra legs needed...talent required. 

When you choose to work at PriceSpider — just like the brands, retailers, and shoppers we serve — we all stand together as one.

300 employees working from four countries serving brands across the globe toward one inclusive goal.

The Web is where the home is.

Building tech that fosters brand fan love for brands that are ready to really optimize their customer journey takes brains and braun. And while that’s some pretty...pretty serious work...There are also perks that come with working here. We have an insanely sweet office filled with ping pong, old school arcade games, nerf guns, adult-sized hot wheels, premium coffee and snacks, catered lunches, and next level characters waiting for us in Irvine...

For now…we hang on zoom and often find our meetings once business is done, they float right into virtual social hour.

At PriceSpider we follow the age-old philosophy of, “work hard, play hard,” but if we’re being honest...the work is pretty sweet, and we love what we do, so...maybe that explains why some of the biggest brands in the world partner with us to optimize their brand experience.

A group of people on a conference call

At PriceSpider we:

Are collaborative

We leave our egos at the door and see the bigger picture. This means it’s about individuals bringing their unique talents together to help the collective connective team.

Are empowered

We respect, we challenge, and we empower each other. This means we value healthy discussions and diverse viewpoints. Everyone has something unique to offer as we work smart together.

Are curious

We share...our knowledge, our experiences, our curiosity, and have a thirst for learning. This means we value an environment of openness and growth. We act as advisors to each other, always ready to teach as needed.

Have grit

We persevere, get up when we fall down, and continuously improve what could be better. This means we value eagerness to meet challenges with solutions. As a team we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk, taking a full swing to act with purpose, leading with tenacity and confidence.

Perks and benefits:

As a quintessential technology for consumer brands, we are always looking for new people to join the cause. Check us out and see if you can see yourself as a spider…no extra legs needed…talent required.​

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance

  • LTD / Life Insurance​

  • FSA

  • Flexible PTO

  • Gym Memberships