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See what’s happening with your product, placement, pricing, and promotions across the digital shelf and everywhere your brand is sold with PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution.

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Digital Shelf Analytics Solution - The heart of brand integrity

Having access to insights from the consumer shopping journey gives you the power to influence everything along the path to purchase. Expand your brand beyond its own borders by taking back control of that journey. Our digital shelf analytics solution delivers insights across thousands of retailers and sellers to ensure your share of search and product pages are optimized.

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What can you achieve with Brand Monitor's Digital Shelf Analytics solution?


Retailers, sellers and competitors


Data collected to make informed decisions​


By taking action and enforcing compliance


Our data acquisition technology crawls thousands of ecommerce sites to give your brand eyes and ears on the global digital shelf. With PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution, you can Monitor content on thousands of retailers’ and sellers‘ websites, product detail pages, competitor stock levels, competitor keywords, and understand your brand’s share of search across over 70 countries and 136 languages.

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Now we take all the information we gathered from monitoring products, prices, placement, and promotion. Then we analyze how it was applied across all content including retailer and seller’s product detail pages, competitive search, and everywhere else your brand is represented. PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution gives you a comprehensive view of your overall brand integrity.​

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And the winner is…well, you. Now it’s time to act on all the intelligence we gathered. Promote your products heavier because your competitor is out of stock. Ensure your search ranking is where you need it to be to hit your KPIs. Actively and easily manage your content and optimize your brand for sales conversion with the ultimate digital shelf analytics solution. ​

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THE Digital Shelf Analytics Solution that Drives Brand Value and Optimizes Conversion​

A brand is only as strong as its perceived value. And that value comes from the consumer experience. Even if it’s not direct, part of a brand’s value is managing the places where people purchase your products. Keep that warm place in consumers’ hearts and grow revenue by maximizing conversion and promotional dollars all while protecting your overall brand value. Monitor the global digital shelf including competitors with the best digital shelf analytics solution. ​

Brand Monitor - Digital Shelf Analytics Solution

Brand Monitor - Product detail page​

Your brand is literally in the hands of the purveyors of thousands of product detail pages (PDPs) on every corner of the internet on thousands of retailer and seller websites. Now that’s a lot of content to keep eyes on. And it’s content that can determine whether or not a consumer purchases your product, so as Ron Burgundy would say, it’s kind of a big deal. Make sure you have a digital shelf analytics solution to keep eyes on yours and your competitors’ PDPs and ensure your products are optimized for conversion.​ Give your teams and stakeholders efficient and effective tools to manage your brand's content.

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PriceSpider's Digital Shelf Analytics Solution - Discover how to monitor the digital shelf and optimize the 4 Ps

Product – Placement – Price – Promotion​
A traditional foundation combined with a modern, data-driven insights

The ultimate Digital Shelf Analytics Solution​