3 Problems with the Ratings and Reviews on Your Website

We could all use a little R&R and your brand website is no different. Although when it comes to brand marketing, there’s no time for rest and relaxation but ratings and reviews are a must-have. But…did you know if you have ratings and reviews directly on your brand website that it drives conversion? Well, it does and this amazing little solution could just be your new best friend. Every ecommerce brand has the same questions when it comes to their website:  How do you make the strongest case for your products in the shortest time?  What website content actually moves…

Why Your Customers Want to See Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are crucial signals consumers use to determine a product’s quality. They provide “social proof,” letting people see what previous customers have thought after purchasing the product. Your potential customers are trying to get a preview of what their experience will be like if they buy your product. Reviews and ratings help them answer: Did people regret this purchase? Did it exceed their expectations? Did it work as advertised? Most brands understand the importance of social proof. Your website probably uses quotes, testimonials, and ratings and reviews from actual customers to persuade people to buy your products. But…

3 Things Brands Need to Know About Ratings and Reviews

Ratings & Reviews are a key source of information that help drive purchase decisions. They are two of the main signals consumers use to determine the quality of a product they see online. Since they can’t physically hold your products or test them out (and returning something they bought online usually isn’t as convenient as going to the store), they want to be confident they’re getting a product that will meet their needs. Branding is obviously an important factor that helps you stand out among the competition. But when it comes to online retailers, being the most well-known brand isn’t…

Don’t sweat negative brand reviews: Why it pays to have thick skin

The same openness of the internet that makes it such an incredibly powerful way to connect with consumers also makes it a Petri dish for volatility toward your brand. Even if you do everything right, there will always be people who misunderstand your values, use your products incorrectly or just generally have a chip on their shoulder.

Don’t be left brokenhearted: How to best leverage customer reviews

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a time when people expect to feel loved. Whether it’s a box of chocolates from their significant other or a simple card from a friend, this month holds an undeniable romantic quality. And one of the best things about this holiday season is the fact that those participating love to pass on, well, the love!