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PriceSpider Wraps 2018 With Impressive Company Milestones

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PriceSpider— an advanced data and retail technology provider to some of the world’s largest brand manufacturers, is celebrating 2018 as another year of outstanding achievement.

In 2018, PriceSpider entered into a strategic partnership with Frontier Capital, a Charlotte-based growth equity firm focused on software and tech-enabled business services. The partnership combined PriceSpider’s market-leading technology platform with Frontier’s excellent track record of helping Software as a Service (“Saas”) companies optimize growth. Frontier Capital is providing strategic expertise, resources and growth capital to enhance the company’s innovative technology offerings, maintain client satisfaction and position the company for rapid market expansion and growth acceleration.

To support its growth, PriceSpider also expanded its physical footprint to include a second headquarters in Kansas City, as well as a presence in Ohio. With this expansion, the company accelerated hiring at the end of Q3 and is continuing to grow and bring in new talent including key leadership roles.

Further expanding its lead position in retail technology, PriceSpider now offers in-depth studies including cross-category insights and trends to all clients. Led by PriceSpider’s growing team of data scientists, these actionable insights provide another layer of value to brand manufacturers by identifying specific areas of opportunity to enhance their brands and increase sales.

Growth was also seen in the innovation department, which is responsible for PriceSpider’s Brand Monitor offering. Brand Monitor uses PriceSpider’s proprietary spidering technology to help brand manufacturers see how their products are represented online and how they compare against their competitors. With this tool and other platform offerings, brand manufacturers can see how their content along with the retailer’s content influence what the shopper ultimately purchases.

“The tremendous successes of 2018, and our consistent year-over-year expansion are a testament to our never-ending drive and desire to be at the top of our game by providing streamlined solutions to meet the needs of the e-commerce community,” said Anthony Ferry, CEO of PriceSpider. “Our conversion optimization platform continues to make strides in the retail technology space, and we are constantly pushing the envelope to bring the best solutions to our customers. In the year ahead, I look forward to seeing our data and technology solutions continue to position our clients at the forefront of the next generation of digital retail.”

In Q4, PriceSpider launched its podcast, PriceSpider E-Commerce Connected, hosted by global sales executive, Anthony Capozzoli. The podcast takes a “feet-on-the-street” approach to e-commerce, providing tactical insights and best practices on topics such as how to protect your brand online. It airs twice a month on all podcast networks, including iTunes and Google Play.

Finally, the company was also included on the Inc. 5000 list list of America’s fastest-growing private companies for the second year in a row. Backed by industry experts with a passion for developing innovative approaches to navigating the ever-expanding digital marketplace, the company is now trusted by over 500 world-renowned brands in a wide range of industries.

“It’s been a full year full of milestones and I couldn’t be more proud of our entire team,” concluded Ferry. “I’m also thrilled to be starting 2019 in partnership with Frontier Capital. Developing the relationship with them is an integral part of our 2019 trajectory. With our combined expertise, we’re looking for this year to be one of unsurpassed development and growth for PriceSpider.”

About PriceSpider: PriceSpider is an advanced retail data technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior for the world’s largest brand manufacturers. Powered by proprietary “spidering” technology that collects immense data sets from thousands of e-commerce sites, PriceSpider helps brands discover – with precision – what, where, when and how people purchase. From enabling brand manufacturers to maintain brand consistency across online channels to giving shoppers easy access to authorized retailers, PriceSpider connects the dots between brands, retailers and shoppers — delivering the ultimate conversion optimization platform and helping manufacturers know more to sell more. Connect with PriceSpider on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Learn more by visiting www.pricespider.com.

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