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PriceSpider Offers a Decision-Maker’s Checklist for Brands Selecting a Data Technology Partner

IRVINE, Calif., July 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PriceSpider—an industry pioneer in creating advanced retail technology solutions for brand manufacturers and retailers—is pleased to present its Decision-maker’s Checklist, a follow up to its educational e-book, The Essential Guide to Brand Monitoring. While omni-channel online shopping continues to dominate the retail marketplace, a brand manufacturer must persistently protect the integrity of its brand. With a dependable brand monitoring solution, brand manufacturer’s can now ensure consistent product content across all online retail partners. The Decision-maker’s Checklist is an informational guide with a list of yes-or-no questions to help aid in the selection of a strategic technology solution provider.

“Today, there are solution providers who can collect endless amounts of data, but in our fast-moving marketplace, merely collecting data isn’t enough,” said Jon Pfortmiller, co-founder and president of PriceSpider. “Brand manufacturers need a partner who delivers data analysis that pinpoints trends, highlights potential issues and empowers decisive action in real time.”

Finding The Right Vendor: A Brief Overview of the Decision-maker’s Checklist

The Decision-maker’s Checklist breaks down the vital features of a successful brand monitoring partner.

  • Innovation – Is the monitoring product agile and keeping your company ahead of the competition?
  • Product matching – Does the vendor offer superior web-crawling capabilities that ensure the correct product match?
  • Partnership – It’s not just about buying the vendor’s product or service, but will they work with you to find customized solutions to suit your needs?
  • Data collection and analysis – The most effective brand monitoring depends on the collection and analysis of data. What types of data points and analysis does the vendor offer?
  • Reporting – Can reports be tailored to your industry?
  • Implementation – Is the product user-friendly with support to help you implement all features?

The Decision-makers Checklist is available for download at www.PriceSpider.com.

About PriceSpider: PriceSpider is the world’s leading conversion platform specializing in retail technology products and solutions that provide invaluable insight into consumer purchasing behavior. A partner to many of the world’s largest brands, PriceSpider is powered by proprietary “spidering” technology that collects a wide range of data from thousands of e-commerce sites. By connecting the dots between brands, retailers and shoppers, PriceSpider provides essential information on what, where, when and how people purchase. From conversion data capture to dashboards that analyze retailer and brand performance, pricing and competitor posture, PriceSpider gives companies real-time omni-channel visibility, actionable data-backed insights and practical recommendations that help clients know more so they can sell more. Connect with PriceSpider on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. For more information, please visit www.PriceSpider.com.

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