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PriceSpider grows workforce by 120% to support growing client base

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PriceSpider, a retail technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior, has announced considerable growth as more brand manufacturers continue to leverage its industry-leading, proprietary solutions. With 100 percent revenue growth compared with the end of 2015, PriceSpider has expanded its workforce by 120 percent to support its growing client base and meet increasing demand.

“Over the years, PriceSpider has added several services such as Where to Buy, Map Monitoring, Ratings & Reviews and Channel Reports. As our technology became more versatile, our individual services became more interconnected. With our technology, we can listen, gather and analyze online consumer shopping behavior. At the core, the true value that PriceSpider provides brand manufacturers – and why we continue to experience significant growth – is in the data we collect from all of our services and our ability to interpret that data. Our clients can use that information to improve their marketing efforts to sell more products,” said Anthony Ferry, CEO of PriceSpider.

The PriceSpider team’s dedication and drive have been critical to the company’s success. PriceSpider’s culture of innovation has been cultivated by its team of industrious experts. As a result, the company continues to accelerate past the competition by creating the most advanced retail solutions in the market today.

“We understand the pain points brand manufacturers face when selling online and we know that those pain points are constantly changing. We’ll continue to innovate and strengthen our technology to help our clients collect valuable data that will give them true visibility into how their products are being sold online and how consumers are shopping for their products,” said Jon Pfortmiller, President of PriceSpider.

PriceSpider’s innovative retail solutions have enabled the company to quickly thrive in new industries. With no signs of slowing, PriceSpider will continue to help support marketers, manufacturers and retailers across the globe.


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About PriceSpider

PriceSpider is a retail technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior. The company uses the PriceSpider technology to power its tools – Where to Buy, Ratings & Reviews, MAP Monitoring and Channel Reports – to reveal the secrets of exactly what people buy, as well as where, why, how and even when. PriceSpider’s insights and recommendations help manufacturers, marketers and retailers radically improve their marketing impact, retail sales and revenues.

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