Ratings & Reviews

Turn ratings and reviews into powerful conversion tools.

Our Ratings & Reviews module captures feedback from your retail-partner sites and displays it on your product detail page, which shoppers perceive as more objective and reliable than reviews on manufacturer sites. Higher credibility leads to higher conversion.

Ratings & Reviews

Listen. Observe. Respond.

Once you gather feedback via our widget, the Ratings & Reviews Report lets you answer questions and concerns directly on your retail partners’ sites.

With Ratings & Reviews you can:

  • Send high-quality traffic to your retailers’ sites
  • Leverage Amazon.com reviews
  • Display trusted reviews from retail partners
  • Track conversion

Combine Ratings & Reviews with other PriceSpider products to amplify your results.

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Each PriceSpider product illuminates a specific aspect of the conversion process. And the more modules you combine, the clearer the path to conversion becomes.

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