What is a Brand Commerce Platform and how can it Influence your Customer Journey?

Because we serve some of the most powerful consumer brands on the planet…we decided it was time for a bit of a brand punch up ourselves. But this wasn’t a quick paint the room and put up new curtains kind of brand remod, this literally went all the way down to the core of who we are at PriceSpiderwhy we do what we do, and we dug into that purpose so that we could best serve this new brand world. And in our world, it all starts with purpose…

Why we do: 
At PriceSpider our purpose is to better people’s lives by enriching their relationship with brands they love.

How we do:
Our tech collects data from thousands of ecommerce sites that provide actionable insights to optimize the customer journey.

What we do: 
We build tech that optimizes the digital shelf through insights that help drive purchases and protect brand integrity.

PriceSpider’s Vision: 
To help brands and fans thrive together by connecting a digital ecosystem for fans to experience, learn, find, and buy brands.

Armed with this definition of passion rooted in purpose, we then went to work to define the work we do. Take a look at the new PriceSpider.com and our Brand Commerce Platform. It encompasses the why, how, and what we do while building the foundation to drive our vision into the future.

In the end, PriceSpider is all about improving the Customer Journey for brands. Optimizing the experience for your fans and making every possible touchpoint purposeful and meaningful. When those two things happen, our brand commerce platform can help brands grow…their sales, their margin, and their customer loyalty.

The PriceSpider Brand Commerce Platform has two solutions that impact the overall customer experience. Consumer Conversion Solutions that include our flagship product “Where to Buy.” And Brand Integrity Solutions that include both Prowl MAP enforcement tools and Brand Monitor for content consistency. 

Consumer Conversion

What started as simple product locator software quickly evolved into optimizing digital touchpoints for sales conversion, making brands…SHOPPABLE. By taking the data we crawl coupled with partnerships from global retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and more, we provide actionable insights to some of the world’s biggest brands. We are able to offer full-cart visibility from discovery to sale, which enables brands to fine tune their customer journey and optimize that path for sales conversion. Complete with additional tools within the Where to Buy Product Module, consumer conversion is further impacted with modules such as, Ratings & Reviews, Social Media Applications, Stock + Local Stock + BOPIS (buy online pickup in store), Product Bundling, and Universal Tracking to track digital performance including campaign ROI and organic links on digital properties. All of these are meant to work together to drive sales conversion.  

Brand Integrity

On the other side of brand optimization is brand integrity. Both conversion and integrity work together to optimize the overall customer journey. Our integrity solutions cover MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) enforcement and content integrity. MAP simply ensures that a brand’s retailers and sellers are adhering to pricing policies everywhere your products are sold. This not only protects your brand’s integrity and margin, but it also protects your customers from a bad brand experience such as counterfeit products or an overall bad experience with your brand. In addition to MAP Pricing tools, our brand integrity suite also houses Brand Monitor, a digital shelf analytics solution that ensures content consistency across a brand’s product detail pages (PDPs) and gives you tools to optimize your promotional campaigns to optimize ROI with Brand Monitor – Share of Search. 

All in, PriceSpider is THE Brand Commerce Platform to help brands thrive in ecommerce. It helps brands take back control of the customer journey and optimize the entire customer experience. Check out our new digs, enhanced resources, and shiny new tools to help brands navigate and succeed in e-commerce!

Talk to an expert today, and see how PriceSpider’s brand commerce platform can help your brand maximize sales and protect brand integrity.

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