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Spring Cleaning for Manufacturers: Updating Online Content Across Retailers

Spring is just around the corner—and with that comes an opportune time for manufacturers to “clean up” and update their online content at their retail partner’s sites. From product descriptions and images to videos and beyond, modern applications now offer the ability to show how their products are sold across all retailers through a single portal. With technological innovations such as PriceSpider’s suite of digital monitoring solutions, users can now ensure their products are being showcased properly, anywhere in the world, meeting savvy and picky consumers head-on.

Why the update?

For most manufacturers, online content is widely spread throughout the worldwide web on an assortment of retailer sites, mega-retailer sites (such as Amazon), and many more dot-coms that offer similar products. However, for a variety of reasons, that same content often becomes irrelevant or outdated with the passage of time. Content can become outdated due to:

  • Changes in corporate messaging
  • Product upgrades
  • Better available video, audio or imagery
  • New product statistics and/or additional information
  • Media feedback and consumer reviews
  • New brand logos, designs or graphics
  • Shifts in industry trends and consumer expectations

To keep customers enthused and maintain brand integrity, CMOs and managers should take a hard look at what they are publishing digitally and consider – at a minimum – an annual refresh.

“New and relevant content that is constantly changing commands our attention and is much more effective at delivering its message and achieving results.” – Focus4Media


The challenges

With several online retailers selling your products, it can seem daunting to make any content changes. With every channel, there is a nuance to address, and with every consumer, there is an expectation to be met. In an industry of feverish competition, brand managers must constantly examine all the moving parts of online marketing that can help reach the right audiences and make the most impactful changes.

However, without the proper tools, it can be almost impossible to determine what content to change first, or where to even look. Manually looking up every product listing is unfeasible. That’s why today’s top manufacturers are seeking out all-encompassing digital monitoring solutions to swiftly pinpoint problem areas, and guide necessary changes.

“Investing time and resources into a brand-monitoring program can reap many benefits for your company… The breadth and depth of actionable business intelligence available to today’s brands are worth the price because of the opportunities that monitoring offers.” – Chelsea Kiko, PR Newswire

To the rescue!

PriceSpider’s Brand Monitor offers what manufacturers need to stay on top of their valuable online content. On a single dashboard, users can swiftly analyze any listing, anywhere in the world, in real time. As a result, the process of getting a full view of your product content and making alterations to any material has become more convenient than ever.

With this cutting-edge application, users can receive a 360-degree view of all text and visuals that accompany each product listing. Meanwhile, manufacturers can also use the technology to determine any off-brand violations by sellers, incorrect formatting or old images.

As industry and consumer expectations shift with each passing day, it has never been more important to closely examine your brand’s online presence on a regular basis. PriceSpider can help.

Before you know it, spring will be over. Have you started cleaning yet?


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