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Social Media Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce

The technology that drives commerce may be faster and more efficient now than in decades past, but the basic rules of marketing haven’t changed much from the brick-and-mortar days. You still need to get your product in front of as many potential customers as possible, and it’s important to find a way to demonstrate the value of the product. Social media marketing presents advertisers with an array of new promotional opportunities that have the potential to reach more customers and open new markets – at little or no cost.

Here are social media marketing strategies that have an enormous potential to drive sales on your e-commerce sites:

Borrow Some Influence
By now, you’ve probably heard of Instagram (or Facebook, or Snapchat, or Twitter) influencers. They’re not exactly celebrities in the traditional sense, but they generate the kind of original content that draws thousands of followers to view their posts each day. From a marketing perspective, their ability to spread awareness should not be underestimated. Not only can these influencers draw targeted eyes to the products they promote, but they can also lend crucial credibility and ‘hipness’ to them as well. Unpaid sample promotions are still possible, but even paid promotions represent a bargain for the marketer. Either way, you win.

Interact Directly with Customers in the Space
Whether if your brand decides to work with influencers or not if a vital online marketing presence is desired, promotional tools like a simple hashtag can’t be overvalued. Hopefully, your brand is already operating an account on major social platforms. The goal here is to drive individual interactions between branded content and users. High-quality, hashtagged Instagram posts or tweets become shareable, potentially viral promotional material for your brand and cost nothing to create.

Stream Live
In the same vein, live video streaming can boost interest in your brand without the need to directly advertise. The latest live streaming available to users of social media allows another essential form of brand-consumer interaction: the ability for viewers to ask questions in real time. Interacting in this way builds interest and trust between brand and consumer, increasing the chances of a successful sale.

Augment Reality
Unique products that allow users to put a fun spin on reality, such as the popular face filters that are used on social media, can be a creative and productive means of driving users toward interactions with your brand. Using promotions such as these can reinforce positive consumer attitudes toward a brand, far beyond the normal scope of an advertiser’s reach.

Pay a Little, Get a Lot
While hardly the most innovative form of online marketing, paid ads on popular social media platforms can be an extremely powerful tool, particularly in comparison with traditional advertising techniques. Where a print campaign might only reach a few thousand people in a physical space, popular social media platforms can potentially reach millions of online users. Most platforms offer promotional plans to accommodate a range of budgets as well, making this method a real value for advertisers.


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