Retailers: Want More Web Traffic from Brands? Share Cart Data Through PriceSpider

“I think I’d miss you even if we never met,” goes the line from the romcom The Wedding Date. How does this apply to ecommerce and retailers, you ask? Well, many retailers think they’re already sharing enough data with their brands and don’t need to share it with a brand commerce platform like PriceSpider. But trust us when we say, you may be missing us and not even know it. 

Unless a brand exclusively sells their products through your store, they have a lot of options for where to send their website visitors when it comes time to purchase. And for the more than 2,000 leading brands that use PriceSpider, they’ll almost always choose a storefront that shares conversion data with them through PriceSpider.

When you share conversion data through PriceSpider, your brands gain visibility into which products people purchase on your website after clicking through their Where to Buy button, whether that link originated on their product page, in an email, on social media, or somewhere else. This data, which includes product names, purchase totals, and much more, helps brands understand their customers and optimize their marketing efforts.

It makes all the difference in the world to your brands. And you can do it without compromising your data privacy, giving up rights to your data, or even doing any ongoing work. Plus, it allows us to give you unique insights into which brands and SKUs are driving the most traffic and transactions to your site—so you can optimize your digital merchandising and other marketing efforts, too.

Most importantly, retailers that provide this data to their brands through PriceSpider see increased web traffic and improved relationships with their brands. Here’s how that shared data gets you traffic.

It increases your impressions and clicks in Where to Buy

Especially since we work with major brands like Sony, P&G, Conagra, Samsung, GE, LG, General Mills, and Nestle, retailers often ask us if they can get better placement in our Where to Buy widgets on these brands’ sites. But that’s not how our tools work. 

Brands have complete control over which retailers (and how many of them) show up when customers click their Where to Buy buttons. They can sort these retailers by any number of factors, but one of the most common configurations they’ll use is our conversion ranking algorithm, which prioritizes retailers based on the conversion rate of traffic the brand has sent to them. 

When we have a direct data-sharing agreement, we can provide your brands with the conversion rate on any traffic they send to you through their Where to Buy. If you aren’t a direct partner, we can’t measure the conversion rate of traffic your brands send to you, so you’ll show up closer to the bottom when brands utilize this feature in their Where to Buy.

Your competitors might be earning highly qualified traffic by default, simply because you haven’t put your hat in the ring.

Brands send more traffic to retailers that provide this data

Like you, brands have to justify their business decisions. They want to invest in what’s working, and avoid what’s not. But since they sell their products through retailers, brands can only measure the impact of their marketing efforts if you share the right data with them. 

A direct data-sharing partnership with PriceSpider provides your brands with conversion data, enabling them to see the results of any traffic they send to you. This lets them answer questions like:

  • How well is this audience converting?
  • How does this marketing channel compare to others?
  • Is this messaging resonating with our audience?

Having this information allows them to optimize their campaigns and ultimately send better traffic your way. They can double down on strategies and campaigns that get traction, and pull the plug on tactics that aren’t working.

Even when brands don’t sort retailers by conversion rate, they will prioritize sending traffic to retailers that help them understand how that traffic performs. Our Where to Buy tool is compatible with every major marketing channel, allowing brands to experiment with all kinds of combinations of audiences, retailers, channels, and products, creating truly shoppable media.

As they implement various email, advertising, social media, direct mailing, and website campaigns, they’ll keep sending you traffic, because traffic sent to you can actually be measured.

We tell our brands when new retailers start sharing data with us

When a new retailer joins our exclusive network of ecommerce sites, we make sure all of our brands hear about it. Brands who currently sell through you will know they can start incorporating you in their Where to Buy campaigns, and brands who could sell through you will be a lot more motivated to pursue a new partnership with you.

Become a direct data-sharing partner with PriceSpider

Partnering with PriceSpider is easy. You retain full rights to your data and control over how it’s used—we just need permission to share very limited data with our brands in a very specific context. Your data doesn’t leave our platform and we don’t use it to advise brands on how to spend their advertising budgets or anything else. No retailer will ever have visibility into your performance, and only the brands sending you traffic will receive insights into how their traffic performs. 

Once we’ve established a partnership agreement, we’ll make a test purchase to ensure tracking works and then announce the partnership to our brands.

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