How PriceSpider Keeps Retailer Data Secure and Private

When it comes to ecommerce, your customer data can give you a huge competitive advantage—as long as you use it well. But managing customer data is also a massive responsibility that can be a little intimidating at times.

It takes a lot of infrastructure and ongoing work to ensure that the way you manage customer data builds trust in your brand and complies with increasingly stringent legislation around consumer data like GDPR.

That’s why we understand when retailers put their guard up in conversations about ways to use and share their data. We have these conversations all the time, and they tend to revolve around four main concerns:

1.     Who will see my data?

2.     What will they have access to?

3.     Will my competitors be able to use this against me somehow?

4.     Will this involve my customers’ personal information?

When retailers share conversion data with their brands, it’s immensely valuable to both parties. At PriceSpider, we have a network of more than 1,500 major retailers that share this data, and over 2,000 brands that rely on it to measure their marketing performance. All of those retailers have these same concerns about their customer data. Here’s how we ensure the data is handled appropriately.

Only your brands see your data

The point of sharing cart data with PriceSpider is to put it in the hands of brands who sell their products on your website. We don’t share it with anyone else. No other apps or organizations can see what products were sold, how much they sold for, how well traffic converted, or anything else your brands will have access to. You retain the full rights to your data, and we don’t obtain the rights to share it with other parties. We simply provide a secure, private means for sharing this data with brands.

Brands only see your data in a limited context

When you share data through PriceSpider, only your brands see the results of the traffic they sent you through our Where to Buy tool. They don’t get access to anything else from your system. They can’t see the rest of your catalog or analyze their competitors (and neither can we).

We don’t store personally identifiable information

We don’t want your customers’ contact information. We’re not building a list or collecting demographic data from you. There’s no database of your customer data. We only care about equipping brands to see what gets purchased when they send you traffic. So partnering with us will never put you out of compliance with consumer protections or breach your customers’ trust.

Sharing cart data increases your traffic and improves brand relationships

PriceSpider’s Where to Buy tool lets brands display multiple retailers with buttons that link directly to the relevant product page on each retailer’s site. This empowers customers to choose their preferred path to purchase. When you join the major retailers sharing item-level data through PriceSpider, your brands can see how well various audiences, campaigns, and assets convert through your website, enabling them to send more of the right traffic your way.

Sharing data also improves brand relationships by empowering you to serve your customers and troubleshoot problems more effectively.

Partnering with us is easy. And once we’re set up, you don’t have to do anything else.

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