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Product descriptions are the gateways to your brand: Are you guarding them?

Brands must create super descriptive, content rich, product descriptions. These abbreviated manifestos are the gateway to your brand. Descriptions are how customers experience your product without actually having it in front of them or in their homes. Everything consumers need to know about your product (aka everything they want to know to make a purchasing decision) should be found in the description. Yet brands often find it difficult to regulate descriptions across their retail channels.

“Product descriptions are an asset begging to be weaponized by brands.”

Uniting product descriptions is a challenge

There are a number of variables affecting production descriptions, and sublevels to those factors, all the way down until it may feel as if a brand is more likely trying to split atoms than monitor product descriptions across retailers. For instance, descriptions need to: feature a product summary; provide precise product information and technical specifics; be written in a style that is educative as well as persuasive; meet all compliance for e-commerce listings; and also be arranged for search engines. Even when brands nail down product descriptions that meet the all their criteria, some retailers may further complicate the matter by altering or completely doing away with your carefully crafted plans.

And this is just with approved retailers. Bring in the scourge of unauthorized retailers hijacking descriptions and the gargantuan responsibility seems all the more dire.

Brands should be active in guarding their product descriptions but we get it: There are many more things that come first in getting your products purchased than descriptions. This diverts focus and effort elsewhere, but brands must understand the critical touch point that descriptions represent. These seemingly innocuous blurbs are the gateways to riches; good descriptions facilitate buying, which drives revenue, and when optimized are an advantage for any brand selling online.

“Brands need a way to guarantee product descriptions are communicated consistently.”

What you need to make it happen

Product descriptions are an asset begging to be weaponized by brands. However, the benefits of a high-quality description that hits on the right points can become easily undone when retailers don’t follow guidelines or compliance. In order to ensure the continuity of your descriptions across all channels, brands need a solution that gives them powers as close to omnipotence as it can get.

PriceSpider has recently announced its Brand Monitor tool, which gives users the control, oversight and visibility into how well retailers are complying with a brand’s standards. Guarding your descriptions has never been easier with Brand Monitor, which collects and displays product content descriptions, imagery, video and more from all of your online retailers. With PriceSpider, brands can gain the type of brand compliance capability they only once dreamed of – now, they know they have the ultimate defense in Brand Monitor.

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