Meet consumers where they are

How to Meet Consumers Where They Are

How do you meet consumers at the right place and at the right time? Lately, everyone in the retail and brand manufacturing sector has been discussing this concept at length. It’s quickly become the driving force of both the online and brick and mortar marketing strategy.

But appealing to each consumer’s wants, needs and tastes require more than just an online presence. It requires the collection of big data and an understanding of what that data means. Only then can brands powerfully deliver on these actionable insights – discovering critical patterns and responding to consumers with communications they actually want.

“Customers expect that the brands they deal with will know them. They expect personalized experiences that are tailored to their needs.” – Stan Phelps,

Breaking down the data

In order to meet your customers, you must first understand who they are and how they make the decision to buy. Brands should be collecting critical information like what consumers buy on a retailer’s site, when they buy and how they got to the site in the first place. How many times has the customer looked at this product before? These insights will help reveal critical communication points in the buying process.

And the data doesn’t end there. Product descriptions and digital assets like images and videos also play an important role in your brand’s data insights. Are consumers buying more products that are presented with specific image types? How many video views are obtained before a purchase? Which product descriptions are getting the most attention? Breaking down these key data points will be the foundation of a successful online marketing strategy.

Continuously update your content strategy

The challenge is that no piece of content (verbiage, video, GIF, chart, graph, etc.) – no matter how compelling – stays relevant forever. Right now, the most competitive and successful brands on the market are continuously updating and tweaking their product listings on a round-the-clock basis to meet the ever-changing customer trends and expectations.

Unfortunately, a large majority of today’s brands don’t have the internal resources to monitor real-time actions and always-on consumer data and feedback, putting them at a relentless disadvantage. However, third-party solution providers are leveling the playing field for small and large brands alike – offering cost-effective solutions that help meet consumers without overextending internal resources.

With the help of content-monitoring software, shopper marketing teams now have the ability to view what targeted content listings are working, which ones aren’t and how to make changes instantly.

“This desire for instant gratification with zero friction is driving an increased need for marketers to offer location-based and context-specific content that makes it easier for customers to find, compare, and select the best product for their needs – no matter where or when they decide to shop.” Jodi Harris, Content Marketing Institute

Ready to get in front of the trends?

In today’s world, knowing more actually does sell more – and those who aren’t using conversion data to understand consumer expectations will fall behind. That’s why PriceSpider solutions were built with your business in mind, helping shed light on specific aspects of the consumer buying process and revealing a clear path to conversion.

Contact us to learn how PriceSpider solutions can help you meet consumers where they are today.

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