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How to best inform your brand’s marketing efforts

Right now, even the biggest corporations are dealing with shrinking advertising and marketing budgets. In order to squeeze the most value out of every dollar, it’s imperative that all efforts in this realm are tied back to concrete knowledge and data. This strategy will help ensure the biggest impact is made with customers, and that no resources are wasted when it comes to spreading awareness about the brand.But what is the best data to use to enable these kinds of results? Today, we’re taking a look at the best ways your marketing team can inform its advertising efforts, and what sources can provide the most insight:

Customer buying history: Client audience and top-performing products

This one may seem obvious, but there’s simply no understating the acumen that your customer data can offer, particularly where brand marketing plans are concerned. Delving into customer analytics including those who spend the most with your company can help reveal details about your main shopping audience, what these customers are looking for and what products resonate with them.

“Given that the average brand sees upwards of 80 percent of its revenue come from 15 to 20 percent of its customers, few insights effectively drive success like simply identifying a brand’s best customers,” Clutch chief operating officer Brad Marg told NG Data.

“Spread the word and make an impact!”

This will allow your marketing team to create more targeted campaigns that speak directly to your brand’s specific audience, and raise more awareness about products or services that this clientele may not know about. Spread the word and make an impact!

Web traffic: Mapping the customer journey

Analytics surrounding your company’s website are also invaluable for your marketing campaigns. Content Marketing Institute contributor Amanda Maksymiw noted that insights about page views, most popular blog posts and other top-rated content can provide information about the formats that work well with customers. What’s more, this type of ranking can also show which items might be falling flat. In this way, your businesses can avoid wasting resources on content that doesn’t provide value for customers or your brand and reallocate these efforts toward more popular assets.

Analyzing web traffic can also provide a picture of how customers interact with your website, including how they are brought to the platform, where they first land and the pages they visit next. This customer journey map can help reveal your company’s top channels, as well as opportunities to improve the experience for consumers. To find out more, check out this blog on how customer journey mapping can be beneficial for your brand’s omnichannel offerings.

Leverage advanced technology

While data stemming from customer buying history, top-performing products and website traffic are incredibly beneficial, this information doesn’t just reveal itself. Your organization needs to have the right technology in place to make these insights available. Services like PriceSpider’s Channel Reports and Where To Buy can make all the difference here, and help ensure your marketing efforts are fully informed and backed by the most up-to-date details. To find out more, contact PriceSpider today.

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