Command your brand in three strategic steps

Despite what other commerce enablement and analytics providers may tell you, there’s no magic wand or “set it and forget it” solution for brands to succeed across thousands of marketplaces against countless competitors. 

A holistic approach to getting in front of your most valuable customers and ensuring they get the best shopping experience requires a proactive, intentional approach to monitoring, managing and investing in your five Ps: product, price, place, promotion … and now, the path to purchase. The PriceSpider brand commerce platform has you covered, with everything brands need to get ahead on the endless digital shelf in three strategic steps:

Step 1: Deploy brand recon and gather intelligence

Get a 360-degree view of your online presence with Brand Monitor.

Today’s customers are looking for more than just the best price. They want shopping experiences that are simple, reliable and trustworthy—and all that rests on how your brand shows up across thousands of retailer websites, commerce platforms and online marketplaces.

But on a digital shelf that’s virtually endless, manually monitoring, managing and maintaining a cohesive brand experience to win those customers at every touchpoint has become increasingly difficult. 

Brand Monitor, PriceSpider’s leading digital shelf analytics solution, gives brands a complete view of their four Ps and the path to purchase everywhere their brand is sold, to:

  • Ensure accurate product representation across the digital shelf
  • Monitor and enforce MAP rules
  • Identify unauthorized sellers
  • Instill trust along every step of the customer journey 
  • Boost revenue up to 20 percent

Step 2: Route and retarget your most valuable customers

Optimize the buyer journey with a shoppable roadmap that leads to victory.

These days, there is no one-size-fits-all customer journey. With a constant flow of purchasing opportunities and countless ways to buy online, the path your customers take to purchase isn’t always so clear. And that lack of visibility makes optimizing, and ultimately capitalizing on the customer experience next to impossible.

PriceSpider Where to Buy shoppable solutions give control of the buyer journey back to brands, empowering them to make any shopping touchpoint a point of purchase. With products that are shoppable anytime, anywhere, brands can route customers to their preferred retailers and gather insights about how to best optimize the customer journey going forward.

PriceSpider’s Where to Buy shoppable solutions help brands:

  • Make any touchpoint shoppable
  • Understand the end-to-end customer journey
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Optimize marketing campaigns and ROI in real time
  • Make better business decisions with actionable insights
  • Connect product campaigns, retailers and shoppers in one ecosystem
  • Get products in front of the right customers at the right time

Step 3: Join forces on the world’s leading brand commerce platform

Track, manage and conquer the digital shelf with a complete ecommerce strategy.

Until now, most brands have only been able to track and optimize one side of the buyer journey—either the digital shelf or the path to purchase. But if you’re only getting data from one side of that equation, you’re navigating with an incomplete map, and missing out on the goldmine of insights that come with understanding every step of the buyer journey, from first impression to final sale. 

Now, PriceSpider’s end-to-end commerce platform gives brands actionable insights at every stage of the customer journey, empowering them to build seamless omnichannel experiences that:

  • Open the path to purchase for shoppers to buy when, where and how they prefer
  • Ensure shoppers get high quality, consistent brand experiences at every point of purchase
  • Build stronger commerce relationships with data insights that benefit brands and the retailers who sell their products most
  • Cross-reference sales data and buyer behavior insights to increase sales across the digital shelf
  • Give complete control of the customer journey back to brands

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