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Bolstering Manufacturer Success Through a Single Brand Portal

Rogue, non-compliant sellers will become less common as manufacturers become more and more digitally savvy at brand enforcement. 

The Importance of Channel Visibility

Keeping a watchful eye on your entire retail distribution channel has been one of the most difficult challenges to face manufacturers since the advent of online sales. Without full visibility of every product, there is no foolproof way to know if branded content or price representation is accurate. However, through modern day digital platforms, which can expose any inconsistency through real-time software, manufacturers can now curb non-compliance, remain on message, encourage consumer loyalty and protect bottom lines.

“Since a majority of today’s customers begin their journey online, consistent content is critical for engagement. Today’s savvy customers expect all the details they need in order to make systematic product value comparisons, from wherever they shop… Content must be available seamlessly and consistently anytime, everywhere, on the portal consumers choose.” – Chris Peterson, Customer Retail Experience

What is Branded Content?

Almost every manufacturer has a style, image and tone at the forefront of their mission to sell and grow. Branded content puts a specific voice to every product – so that the right demographics are targeted in the right regions with the right message. Examples of branded content can include:

  • Company taglines or logos
  • Product descriptions
  • Images of products from various angles and/or in use
  • Video links to product or service demos
  • Data or statistics showing an edge over competitors
  • Guarantees
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Relevant policies and/or disclaimers

There’s no getting around it – manufacturers today need to include some or all of the above in their online listings to stay in line with current marketing trends.


The Potential Consequences of Brand Non-Compliance

Before diving into the numerous benefits of a single brand portal, let’s establish what can happen without a solid view of the actions and movements of every retailer. While certain retailers – whether they are online or at brick and mortars – may think they have a better idea of how to present your products, and their non-compliance can all-too-easily disrupt consumer satisfaction and bottom lines.


1. Consumer Frustration Leads to Disloyalty

Familiarity and consistency provide a warm, welcoming feeling for consumers, and online branded content is one of the most effective tools to ensure manufacturers can meet consumers where they shop. But, what happens when two different online sites showcase different or even conflicting content for the same product or service?

By changing price, altering language or omitting approved content, retailers are putting manufacturers at risk by upsetting long-time consumers or even newcomers to the brand. As we already know, today’s consumer is savvy and uses 24/7 smart technology to research the products they want and need. Without the right online branding at every touch point, manufacturers may unknowingly miss out on multiple sales as a result of non-compliance or inconsistent branding. Moreover, if information is misrepresented, it could lead to liability issues and mass returns of merchandise. 

“Mastering compliance requirements not only contributes to the efficiencies of the retailer’s operations — it will also establish discipline and best practices within the supplier’s business. This will translate to cost savings through increased business efficiencies.” – True Commerce


2. Improper Branding Gives Competitors an Edge

The competition is everywhere. All day, everyday, manufacturers of all types of retail goods are looking for better and better ways to improve their messaging and grab that coveted edge in marketing. One small slip in branded online content can result in manufacturers losing market share to another competitor with better/more consistent targeting methods.

With comprehensive, digital tools at the forefront of online monitoring and branding (and at the fingertips of manufacturers) it doesn’t take long for the “sharks in the water to smell blood,” or notice a content weakness, and move in for the kill.

“Companies that build core competencies around retail compliance often win opportunities from competitors and complementary product lines that help the business grow.” – True Commerce


The Solution? Brand Monitoring from PriceSpider

To effectively take on the online branding challenges facing manufacturers in today’s fast-paced online retail environment, PriceSpider has infused its proprietary, spidering technology into a platform that can monitor brand content across thousands of retailers from a single dashboard. 

Brand Monitor from PriceSpider puts manufacturers in the driver’s seat, giving them a 360-degree view of how every product and SKU is being marketed at  retailers sites. As a result, users can uncover areas of success and those that require attention due to non-compliance or underwhelming consumer reactions.

Finally, through this real-time software – users can take steps to inform rogue retailers that they may have breached pre-approved agreements. Online branded content enforcement is on the rise—and so is the need for a single portal solution. PriceSpider can help.

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