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PriceSpider’s Data Services Team: Helping Brand Manufacturers Put Big Data to Use

By now, we are all aware of the incredible capabilities of big data to help brand manufacturers discover purchasing patterns and target consumers. But without an internal group of data analytics experts, how can the average business harness this info in an efficient and cost-effective way? This is where PriceSpider’s Data Services Team (DST) comes in. To help brand manufacturers succeed in a crazed 24/7 world of competitive online sales, our powerhouse squad of digital experts optimizes online visibility to increase sales performance significantly.

Data Services Team benefits for brand manufacturers
Very few companies have the internal research capabilities to examine consumer-related analytics. Those that do are finding themselves frustrated with massive data islands that need to be integrated and decoded.

With assistance from the DST, brand manufacturers benefit from a virtual funnel that conveniently integrates pertinent e-commerce data onto one dashboard for analysis. Clients who work with the DST can expect:

  • Full transparency and visibility of consumer-funnel data
  • Integration of consumer behavior data to consolidate data islands
  • Data standardization for easy translation
  • A unified view of consumer behavior and conversions.
  • Recognition of untapped opportunity through deep data

Developed in response to increasing demand from brands interested in harnessing the power of big data, the DST unit provides beneficial research to PriceSpider clients. The team’s knowledge of existing industry trends and behaviors, combined with an ability to dive deep into the data of any PriceSpider client, offers the perfect recipe to grow, keep pace with the industry and outshine the competition.

“So, let’s face it — retail is no longer art, but rather a science. Which only means one thing for business owners; either you get serious about big data analytics or your brand gets left behind.”- Vic Bageria, Xpandretail

How the service works
Brands interested in partnering with PriceSpider’s Data Service Team can sign up for a subscription to two studies per year, each designed and implemented to fully uncover and translate targeted, actionable data. At the end of every study, our DST offers a comprehensive presentation on results and findings, including helpful tips and recommendations on future direction and action plans.

Of course, subscriptions also include access to DST team members for any and all big data related questions or concerns before, during and after the engagement.

Data Services Team in action
In the past few months, among other studies, the DST worked directly with two of PriceSpider’s largest clients, a consumer electronics manufacturer and a toy manufacturer. PriceSpider dove deep into each company’s data sets to pinpoint sales opportunities in their respective e-commerce channels and recommend corrective actions. Projections of implementing all suggested corrective actions included:

  • 14 percent increase in net sales for a global consumer electronics manufacturer
  • 262 percent increase in net sales for a multinational toy manufacturer

For both clients, we performed client baseline studies, identified funnel “choke” points (problem areas) and helped create a better roadmap to consumer growth. As a result, both brand manufacturers are seeing a dramatic improvement in flow and profound surges in redirects to retailers.

“One thing’s for sure: The future of online retail is tied to big data, and the sooner you jump on board, the better off you will be down the road.” – Victoria Greene, Convenience Store News

Connect: What can the Data Services Team do for you?
Taking action on insights extracted from big data is now a critical part of the retail paradigm. To latch onto trends and thrive in the modern economy, ensuring a well-oiled retailer network is key – especially online. By arming your infrastructure with the tools to analyze data and the resources to follow up on consumer patterns, you will join hundreds of brand manufacturers that have come to know and enjoy PriceSpider’s industry-leading solutions.

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