Stacie Condurachi

Stacie Condurachi is a seasoned HR leader, having carved an illustrious path from the dynamic realm of advertising to the forefront of human resources innovation in Software as a Service (SaaS).

Embarking on her career as an HR trailblazer at Doner Advertising nearly 18 years ago, Stacie’s influence transcended conventional support for the business, harmonizing talent strategies seamlessly with the agency’s creative vision.

Stacie’s transition to PriceSpider in 2018 marked a pivotal chapter in which Stacie continued to redefine HR practices, this time in the SaaS space. At PriceSpider, Stacie has fostered high-performance cultures and driven organizational success, including serving as the HR leader through global and local acquisitions. Recognized for implementing groundbreaking cultural engagement programs and earning accolades as a change agent and champion of change management, Stacie mirrors a commitment to continuous learning and growth.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Stacie finds fulfillment on the soccer and lacrosse fields, passionately supporting her two daughters as they compete. This commitment to excellence in both personal and professional spheres defines Stacie’s holistic approach to leadership.

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