Reza Farhangi, Chief Product & Strategy Officer

Reza Farhangi

As the Chief Product Strategy Officer at PriceSpider, Reza leads the Product, Client Solutions, Partnerships and Affiliate organizations, focusing on the strategic growth of the company and helping clients achieve their goals. Reza has over 15 years of experience creating high value solutions that meet the strategic needs of customers, as well as extensive experience using data and analytics to drive solutions and disrupt the status quo. Reza has been a driving force behind PriceSpider’s evolving set of customer solutions for 10 years helping lead the creation of Brand Monitor, Shoppable solutions and pioneering strategic alliances to get customers data only PriceSpider can provide. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from University of Phoenix and a M.B.A. from Chapman University. When he’s not working, Reza enjoys spending time with his wife Samar and golden retriever Bear. He is an avid traveler and wine/whisky connoisseur.

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