Jon Pfortmiller, Chief Strategy Officer, Founder

Jon Pfortmiller

Jon Pfortmiller is the President and Founder of PriceSpider.

PriceSpider got its start as Jon’s personal project when he realized the power that data analytics software could provide to brand manufacturers in the retail industry. Always the innovator and problem-solver, in 2001 Jon set to work creating a proprietary program that would collect data via the web. This cutting edge, never-seen-before technology evolved to become today’s PriceSpider.

As president since the company’s founding in 2004, Jon is not only the idea man but also functions as PriceSpider’s chief technology mastermind—directing PriceSpider’s innovation team to develop new business pathways and opportunities for clients. His innovative thinking, attention to detail and commitment to excellence have secured PriceSpider’s position as a trusted and invaluable tool among global brands.

While fostering the initial concept of PriceSpider, Jon worked as a principal consultant at Neudesic. Earlier in his career, he was a senior software engineer of e-commerce at FNIS and a software engineer at during the dot-com boom. Overall, Jon brings 20 years of experience in software engineering, e-commerce and enterprise architecture to his role at PriceSpider.

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