Build a better retargeting campaign with shoppable solutions

Brands who understand their customers can keep those customers in the marketing funnel with retargeting campaigns, which use paid ads to re-engage customers who’ve interacted with your content in the past. When executed skillfully, this strategy can help you drive conversion and increase your customer lifetime value. PriceSpider’s shoppable solutions make it easy to re-engage with your customers. Google Tag Manager and Tealium are supported within Shoppable solutions, giving you access to valuable insights that make retargeting easy and effective. 

If you’re looking to make the most of your retargeting strategies, here’s a quick guide that covers how shoppable can help, as well as a few best practices to keep in mind when building a retargeting campaign.

Behavioral insights focused on actions ​

With the average attention span dwindling, customers don’t always purchase an item the first time they see it. That’s why it’s a good idea to provide them with reminders about products in which they’ve shown interest. Respectful and well thought-out retargeting campaigns can foster a positive relationship between your brand and your audience.

When it comes to using data to better retarget customers, we believe that demographics can only take you so far. If you want to encourage a shopper to take action, we suggest building a data-based understanding of the actions they’ve taken on your product or campaign page. Our shoppable solutions provide you with invaluable behavior metrics. 

With easy-to-use Google Tag Manager and Tealium integrations—two solutions which allow you to tag content for better tracking—you gain the power to create an audience from the moment someone visits your shoppable landing page. Instead of trying to read into demographics data, you get access to behavioral data that lets you retarget for engagement based on the action made, making it much easier to guide users further down the funnel and into repeated purchases. 

With this rich dataset at your disposal, you can segment and launch effective retargeting campaigns that will not only engage potential customers, but also drive conversions and increase customer lifetime value.

Other benefits of integrating Google Tag Manager and Tealium into your shoppable landing pages include:

  • Re-engaging prospects that are ready to buy
  • Optimizing return on ad spend
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Moving customers through the marketing funnel via tailored content relevant to them

Retargeting campaign best practices

To help you make the most of these tools, here are a few best practices to consider when setting up a retargeting campaign.

  1. Segmentation: Diversify your audience reach by adding multiple media channels to your shoppable campaign. Focus on channels that resonate with your audience to capture their attention effectively, and retarget users across platforms to ensure a seamless, engaging experience across all touchpoints. Shoppable solutions make this easy by reporting on the best performing channels and assets.
  2. Value generation: Focus on providing your audience with offers and content that resonate with their preferences. For instance, you can deliver ads linking to the retailer they initially showed interest in, which you can find in shoppable reporting. 
  3. Retargeting frequency: Be mindful of the frequency and channels of your retargeted ads. It’s crucial to strike a balance that maintains engagement without overwhelming your audience.

Example use case: Leveraging Google Tag Manager for social media retargeting

Now that you have the high-level strategies and practices down, here’s how you might approach a social media retargeting campaign using Google Tag Manager.

  • Step 1:
    • Make sure your social media platform is connected to your Google Tag Manager. Add the container ID to shoppable 3rd party tracking. ​
  • Step 2:
    • Create your campaign and build your shoppable landing page. Make sure to add 3rd-party tracking to your landing page to start building audiences. ​
  • Step 3:
    • Use the audiences from your shoppable landing page to create a new campaign for retargeting via the social media channel of your choice.

Have questions on how to best leverage shoppable solutions to improve your retargeting efforts? Reach out to your customer success manager or learn more about shoppable solutions.

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