Make the most of your shoppable campaign data

Staying ahead in the world of ecommerce isn’t just about collecting data, it’s about using that data to refine and optimize your marketing strategies. That’s where the insights from shoppable solutions come in.

With PriceSpider’s shoppable solutions, you get access to a range of reporting dashboards that give you everything from high-level overviews of campaign performance to granular product sales data. With this data, you can optimize campaigns for conversion, create new audiences for remarketing, anticipate shopping patterns and product lifecycles, foster loyalty and measure your return on investment and ad spend.

Here are a few other ways to leverage shoppable data:

  • Identify the advertising channels that drive the most traffic and engagement to shoppable landing pages
  • Understand shifts in consumer behavior through metrics like average basket size, retailer performance, and device breakdown
  • Build audiences for remarketing campaigns and make decisions based on behavioral data instead of demographics alone
  • A/B test messaging, imagery and page look and feel in real time to determine what resonates with target audiences

Deep insights at every stage of the funnel

Different stages of the funnel require different campaign strategies and different usage of shoppable reporting tools. Generally, top-of-funnel data gives you strategic advantages when optimizing your marketing campaigns’ look and feel, making it easy to adjust targeting. On the other hand, lower-funnel data reveals consumer buying patterns and product lifecycle insights. Here are a few tips for how to best leverage your shoppable reporting data at each stage of the customer journey.

  • In the awareness stage, you can evaluate spending, bidding strategy, creative fatigue, and ad placement.
  • During the interest stage, you can assess purchase lead value, best performing sources, device breakdown, advertising channel performance, ad optimization across devices and channels, and brand alignment in creatives.
  • In the conversion stage, you can track reporting on product performance, conversion rates, average basket size, stock availability, cross-sell opportunities.
  • In the retention stage, you can utilize third-party tracking, retailer performance data, product sales numbers, Google Tag Manager or Tealium for tracking and retargeting audiences.

In today’s digital marketplace, using data intelligently can make a significant difference in ecommerce success. PriceSpider’s shoppable solutions provide the insights and tools you need to navigate this complex landscape and help your brand not just survive but thrive. Then, by using shoppable solutions in tandem with PriceSpider’s Where to Buy (WTB) solution, you can easily meet customer expectations by empowering them to make a purchase right at the point of engagement.

Have questions on how to best set up your shoppable campaign strategy? Reach out to your customer success manager or learn more about shoppable solutions.

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