Introducing Click to Retailer functionality in PriceSpider’s shoppable solutions

We’re excited to announce that PriceSpider shoppable solutions’ new Click to Retailer feature is here, making it easier than ever for customers to shop by sending them straight to a retailer’s purchase page in just one click. Best of all? It’s available now for our shoppable solutions users.

Simplify the shopping journey

In today’s blazing-fast ecommerce world, one of the most common goals for brands is to make shopping as smooth as possible for customers. 

Click to Retailer is all about cutting out the extra steps in your customers’ path to purchase. Instead of wandering through a website, customers can head directly to the retailer, encouraging repeat purchases and letting your customers buy their go-to items quickly and easily.  

At the heart of Click to Retailer is PriceSpider’s shoppable self-service admin—your command center for crafting seamless shopping experiences. Here, you can manage Click to Retailer functionality while finding other powerful tools that allow you to tailor your campaigns and dive into consumer insights.

Got products that customers come back to time and time again, or popular items that are easy on the wallet? Click to Retailer helps you capitalize on these items by streamlining the process to purchase everyday needs and impulse buys. 

Tailored campaigns for retailer-specific success

Click to Retailer supports retailer-specific campaigns, making it easier to forge stronger collaborations with retail partners. Brands can also direct customers straight to retailers when offering exclusive deals, discounts or promotions—enabling a targeted approach that not only enhances brand-retailer relationships but also amplifies marketing campaigns by aligning them with specific retail strategies.

Curious about bringing Click to Retailer functionality into your shoppable strategy? Reach out to your customer success manager or sign up for a free demo today.

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