The PriceSpider 2020 Ecommerce Report: Platform Data Shows 98 Percent Increase in Ecommerce Sales Year-over-Year

Irvine, CA — January 27, 2021 — PriceSpider is the global leader in data and consumer analytics technology. Below is a comprehensive report on ecommerce activity for 2020. Among the findings, the report shows a 98 percent increase in sales and a 57 percent increase in traffic for the full year across the PriceSpider platform, which processes and analyzes insights about consumer purchasing behavior for nearly 2,000 brands, including many of the world’s top consumer packaged goods brands. 

“From the outset of the pandemic, we saw astonishing ecommerce growth across nearly all sectors, and it only accelerated through the end of the year during the busiest holiday season on record,” said Sean Downs, Chairman of the Board of PriceSpider. “This year is going to be interesting for ecommerce, not only because we expect to see the effects of the ecommerce adoption curve to maintain, but because brands are going to continue to get smarter about how they make data an essential part of their business strategy. The tools that are available to help brands grow revenue, protect their margins and optimize their customer journeys are only advancing, and as the leader in this field, we’re paving the way in data and consumer analytics technology.”

The report breaks down year-over-year sales and traffic by quarter, from 2019 to 2020:

  • Sales
    • Q1 – 26 percent increase
    • Q2 – 185 percent increase
    • Q3 – 124 percent increase
    • Q4 – 97 percent increase
  • Traffic
    • Q1 – 19 percent increase
    • Q2 – 121 percent increase
    • Q3 – 43 percent increase
    • Q4 – 57 percent increase

Categorically, the Health & Beauty sector (which includes household essentials such as toilet paper and over-the-counter medicine) saw the biggest gains in both traffic and sales at 160 percent and 152 percent year-over-year respectively. In Q2 specifically, during the height of stay-at-home orders, Health & Beauty saw a staggering 321 percent increase in sales and a 229 percent increase in traffic, year-over-year. Electronics saw the second biggest gains in both traffic and sales, followed by Food & Beverages and then Hardware. Although 2020 was anything but typical, the top single day for sales was, as in some years past, Cyber Monday (November 30, 2020).

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