Boost brand performance with research-driven plans.

Our Revenue Performance Management (RPM) service offers an in-depth study of your specific brand and business, including cross-category insights and trends. Those findings lead to tailored action-item recommendations — with detailed follow-up evaluations.


Richer information. Smarter decisions.

The more detail you have about your business — good and bad — the more strategic you can be when planning changes and refinements. RPM offers a variety of ways to evaluate and improve your business.

Leverage your PriceSpider data to measure key performance-driving metrics.

Access custom big-data studies that yield brand-specific action plans.

See which key success tactics work for top-performing brands.

Develop custom studies to inform e-commerce decisions.

PriceSpider - a powerful platform to grow your business

Each PriceSpider product illuminates a specific aspect of the conversion process. And the more modules you combine, the clearer the path to conversion becomes.

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