Market Intelligence Report

Get a rich picture of your retail channel.

PriceSpider Market Intelligence Reports deliver a wealth of data that help you form actionable insights to implement quick adjustments and develop long-term strategies.


Market Intelligence Reports

Powerful data. Unmatched Expertise.

Our reports are backed by the most sophisticated data-collection platform in the industry. Each report can be used to help you make better business decisions. Combine multiple reports to gain even greater insight regarding your brand.

Our reports illuminate every part of your retail sales channels.

Competitive Market Analysis
Monitor product prices — yours as well as your competitors’ — for real-time pricing comparison.

Price & Stock Monitoring Report
Get up-to-date price and stock availability at your chosen retailers for any of your products. Identify pricing irregularities that can disrupt your sell-through goals.

Price History & Erosion Report
Evaluate your pricing as it goes through your product life cycle. See the trends in price over time. Learn how long your product remains popular and determine how quickly the price drops after product release.

MAP Violation Report
See which products are being sold below your pricing policy. Get line-by-line visibility into retailer pricing, including marketplace sellers, to reveal which prices are being violated and by how much.

MAP Analysis Report
See how your products are being priced by retailers, and get an alert when violations occur, so you can take corrective action.

Ratings & Reviews Report
Receive aggregated product reviews across your entire retail channel to analyze emerging trends.

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