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Where to Buy

Light the path — and track the results.

Our universal Where to Buy software allows us to guide shoppers to your products and follow them along every step of the purchasing funnel. It’s one of the most sophisticated and effective where-to-buy solutions anywhere.



Real-time data. Real-time decisions.

With this detailed knowledge at your fingertips, you can easily adjust campaigns to make them more effective. Use the Where to Buy technology on your brand website, banner ads, social media and YouTube videos to reach consumers at every stage of the consideration and purchase cycle — and showcase your preferred list of online and local retailers to drive conversion. Showing customers where to buy products is just the beginning.

Where to Buy can:

  • Show real-time pricing and stock availability for online and local retailers
  • Strengthen retail relationships by sending retailers highly qualified traffic
  • Allow consumers to receive emails about product stocks or price changes
  • Display your top retailers in the order you prefer
  • Help you maximize your online advertising

User-Interface Options
Seamlessly integrate and stylize the Where to Buy dashboard directly into your product page or as a light box, offering both local and online retailers.

Responsive Design
The Where to Buy dashboard is responsive for consumers on devices of all sizes, making it easily accessible on the go.

Social Integration
Through social media, show shoppers where to buy your products online and locally.

Recipe Page Integration
Integrate Where to Buy on recipe pages within your site to help consumers find required ingredients by availability, proximity and lowest cost.

PriceSpider reports and analytics — illuminating your options

Our Insights dashboard allows you to view detailed statistics to help you convert more sales. Follow shopper activity from the instant they click the Where to Buy button, including the seller they select, the products they land on, and everything they purchase — every single item in the cart.

Sales & Traffic Performance
Track shopper activity as customers move through our Where to Buy solution, whether they’re buying your products, your competitors’ products or non-related items.

Product Ranking
Monitor your top-performing products by sales, impressions or clicks.

Impressions & Clicks
See how well your products are trending at a specific seller.

Seller Trends
Check how each retailer is performing in a given period and find opportunities to strengthen your retailer relationships.

Seller Coverage
See what percentage of your catalog each retailer carries and identify opportunities to expand your brand’s product assortment.


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