Welcome to the new Home of Prowl. ORIS Intelligence is now part of The PriceSpider Platform.


Monitor retailers and enforce pricing.

PROWL is our comprehensive pricing intelligence tool. It monitors an unlimited number of ecommerce sites and 20+ marketplaces to find exactly what prices your products are being listed for. If pricing games happen, you can spot policy violators quickly and take action to protect your brand as well as your profits.




Ensure policy compliance and consistent product pricing across your
ecommerce spectrum.

Ensure policy compliance and consistent product pricing across your ecommerce spectrum.

PROWL’s comprehensive and frequent searches give you accurate data that comes right from the source. It allows you to see violations after hours, as well as identifying in-cart pricing and other promotions. You can send violation notices directly through PROWL to an unlimited number of sellers at once using your email templates. Include screenshots of violations as proof to violating sellers.

PROWL allows you to:

  • View the most accurate, up-to-date pricing data across your entire retail channel
  • Discover who moved first in pricing games, including nights and weekends
  • Send violation notices to multiple sellers with one click
  • Investigate and uncover unknown seller identities using our proprietary database


Combine PROWL with other PriceSpider products to amplify your results.

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Each PriceSpider product illuminates a specific aspect of the conversion process. And the more modules you combine, the clearer the path to conversion becomes.

PriceSpider Platform

“Our partnership with PriceSpider has not only allowed us to insure IMAP compliance with our Authorized partners, but protect the overall integrity of the program’s framework by eradicating Un Authorized activities in the market place. PriceSpider’s sku matching accuracy and time of engagement regarding enforcement has been critical to our success.”