Map Guard

Monitor retailers and enforce pricing.

MAP Guard is our comprehensive price monitoring tool. It checks retailer sites to see exactly what prices are being advertised for your products. If pricing drops below your pricing policy, you can spot violators quickly, and take steps to protect your brand as well as your profits.


MAP Guard

Ensure MAP compliance and consistent product pricing across your
e-commerce spectrum.

MAP Guard not only provides data on advertised prices within products pages — it also reveals "hidden" price data, such as in-cart prices. Contact offending retailers directly through the MAP Guard portal and use violation templates with screenshots to quickly support your case. Our optional case management tools can assign individual violations to specific employees for follow-up on MAP issues.

MAP Guard allows you to:

  • Monitor online prices across your entire retail channel, including marketplace sellers
  • Discover who was first to drop below your pricing policy and who followed their lead
  • Track additional violations and contact offenders
  • Monitor all retail activity — authorized and non-authorized

Combine MAP Guard with other PriceSpider products to amplify your results.

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“Our partnership with PriceSpider has not only allowed us to insure IMAP compliance with our Authorized partners, but protect the overall integrity of the program’s framework by eradicating Un Authorized activities in the market place. PriceSpider’s sku matching accuracy and time of engagement regarding enforcement has been critical to our success.”