See how the world sees your products.

Our e-Reputation tool reveals exactly how shoppers think and feel about everything you sell. We consolidate user-generated reviews from all online retailers on one dashboard so you can see exactly where you stand, and what steps you can take to improve.



Real-time learning. Long-term benefits.

Discover exactly what customers are saying about your products. See which features exceed customer expectations, and which features could be eliminated or improved. Learn which competitors you’re being compared to — and how you stack up. Leverage PriceSpider’s information to help with stock forecasts and new product development.

With e-Reputation, you can quickly see:

  • Keywords used most to describe your products
  • All reviews posted on seller sites, including Amazon
  • A volume trend of reviews
  • The average review score for a time period
  • Aggregated review scores based on company, brand or product
  • Respond Directly to Reviews

Combine e-Reputation with other PriceSpider products to amplify your results.

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