Brand Monitor

Track and measure your content everywhere.

Brand Monitor is the key to brand protection. It provides data and actionable insights to help you guard the integrity of your brand. It can also dramatically improve your marketing impact and boost conversion while measuring ROI.


Content. Consistency. Compliance.

Our brand monitoring software shows if retailers are complying with your product content descriptions, images and brand guidelines. Each day, we automatically gather the data you need to form actionable insights regarding your brand presence in the marketplace. Our brand protection solutions also allow you to create and add a library of approved content. Brand Monitor measures and tracks product performance on your retail-partners’ sites. Armed with real-world insights, you can isolate problems by retailer, brand and product content — and take corrective action.

Brand Monitor allows you to see:

  • Are my product specifications correct?
  • Does my product title match what I created?
  • Are my images correct (matching approved images)?
  • Are my videos and 360 images in place?
  • Do I have deluxe or A+ content on my product pages?
  • Is my syndicated content appearing on my product pages?
  • Are my product specifications correct (length, depth, width, capacity, etc.)?
  • Who owns the buy box?

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