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The PriceSpider Brand Commerce platform

Full-cart data: Visibility from discovery to sale with engagement and enforcement tools to optimize the customer journey

Discover, match, crawl.

See what can you achieve with the PriceSpider Brand Commerce Platform

Brands need real-time data and a continually updated feed of information in order to understand what's actually happening online with their customers. When they discover your brand, how they found you, what they did along their customer journey. PriceSpider gathers that information and puts it to work for you with actionable insights.

Think of us as an ecommerce crystal ball. When you control the customer journey, you get to optimize it, increase sales conversions, and drive brand loyalty.



Products, marketplaces, sellers & retailers

Imagine how many different products your brand sells on countless marketplaces, by how many different sellers...During the discovery process we’ve got to find everything you have everywhere across the vast landscape that is the internet…and if that’s not enough to make your head spin...



Product SKUs

Next...Imagine then having to match all of those product SKUs along with all of the nuances those SKUs have on all of those places across all of the internet. This isn’t just a heavy lift, this is something our competitors may even claim we don’t do…which simply means they not only can’t offer this, they don’t even understand it.



Activity...Consumers, sellers, retailers

Now after discovery and matching, we know the where and the what...Crawling is the third step of what makes the PriceSpider tech trifecta so special. We now crawl all of the internet and pull millions of real-time data points on everyone interacting with your brand’s products.

This is enterprise grade technology. Once you discover the sellers and the products, there's a perpetual process of continually, discovering, matching, and crawling, as retailers, sellers, and products evolve and change over time…in real-time.​

Our technology optimizes the consumer shopping experience by increasing conversions and protecting margin

Monitor – Analyze — Engage

The consumer shopping experience has evolved a lot in the last 20-years. What became ecommerce vs. brick and mortar has all come together now once again as retail. Consumer shopping behavior has become so sophisticated, the suite of tools brands’ use to serve their customers must be the best. PriceSpider’s Brand Commerce Platform delivers insights that guide the customer journey from interest to purchase and collects data that tells brands’ their every move along that path. Take control of your customer journey and increase brand loyalty. PriceSpider monitors consumers and sellers, analyzes the data it collects, and enables action to optimize and enforce. ​

Use the platform top consumer brands use to influence purchase behavior and protect margin

The best in digital shelf optimization​

We build technology solutions that optimize the digital shelf through insights that help drive purchases and protect brand integrity.​

The Platform

Gain visibility into the path to purchase

It’s all about seeing what consumers are doing. If you don’t know, how can you influence any of their purchasing behaviors or improve overall customer experience? See what consumers are doing when interacting so you can impact their decisions.

Maximize consumer conversion​

When you control the customer journey and have insight into consumer behavior, you can then impact and light the path to purchase. This means optimizing all your digital touchpoints for sales conversion.​

Optimize the customer experience​​

How do people experience your brand? Did they get the right product information, images, brand marks? How was their experience with your seller? What did they pay for your product and did it fit within your pricing policy?

Optimize the customer experience for maximum shoppability

Drive sales and optimize the consumer experience at every possible digital touchpoint​

Data capabilities Gain visibility

The entire brand commerce platform is fueled by data. PriceSpider’s proprietary data crawl is the secret sauce that makes everything possible. Both Consumer Conversion and Brand Integrity Solutions include our data capabilities through the Insights Portal, which is essentially the eyes and ears of the platform. This takes the data we crawl within each module and makes it actionable through insights. The insights portal is customizable and has range depending on your current digital shelf technology stack. ​

Strategic data services​

  • API
  • Data Feeds
  • Insights Portal
  • Reporting
  • Search Engine
A graph showing sales & click throughs data

Consumer conversion solutions Maximize conversion

Did we mention the data? I think we touched on IS PriceSpider and it's not just any old's crawled in near real-time and enables brands to actually do something with it. Delivering analytics and insights from all brand touchpoints across the digital shelf, including consumers, retailers, and sellers. This makes the data we crawl within each module actionable, so that you can drive sales conversions, more conversions = more revenue.

Chubby's rubber product price comparison

Where to Buy

  • Ratings & Reviews​
  • Social Media Applications​
  • Stock + Local Stock + BOPIS​
  • Product Bundling & Recipe​
  • Universal Tracking – Influence ROI

Brand integrity solutions Optimize the experience

Brand integrity is all about optimization. It’s ensuring a consistent experience across touchpoints, protecting your brand, pricing, growing revenue by conserving margin, and driving overall brand loyalty. Monitor pricing and content integrity, enforce your MAP Policy, increase share of search, and get actionable insights to make changes to optimize the customer journey.​ For example, the data we gather can tell us things like, if you have four images instead of two on your PDP, you'll sell more razors in Russia...or whatever your product may be in any global market you are selling it in.


  • Seller Discovery
  • Price Monitoring​
  • Unauthorized Seller Investigation​
  • MAP Enforcement​
Chubbers website screenshot
Chubbers Rubbers Waders on amazon website

Brand Monitor

  • Product Detail Page
  • Share of Search

A holistic approach to the customer journey

The customer journey is at the heart of everything we do. Our role is to deliver a consistent customer experience across every digital touchpoint. By leveraging both Consumer Conversion and Brand Integrity Solutions you’ll gain access and coverage to the data and services that influence the entire customer journey, giving you actionable insights at every intersection driving sales, protecting margin, and increasing brand loyalty. This is THE Brand Commerce Platform every brand needs.

Gain Visibility

Maximize Conversion

Optimize Experience​

Discover how the biggest consumer brands optimize their customer journey with the PriceSpider Brand Commerce Platform​