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Measure, manage and make the most of your ecommerce data with PriceSpider.

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This is confident commerce

Every day, PriceSpider crawls thousands of ecommerce sites to collect data about what, when, why, where and how shoppers purchase online. That data gives our customers real-time, actionable insights into where their marketing dollars are performing (and aren’t), which retailers sell more of their products than anyone else, and where gaps in the customer experience may be costing them sales.

Through partnership with industry experts and intentional investments in the market’s leading brand commerce platform, PriceSpider customers are ditching the gut feeling and putting their data to work—making informed business decisions to optimize their ad dollars, focus on their most profitable retailer relationships and create customer experiences that keep shoppers coming back.

Digital shelf analytics +
Where to Buy shoppable solutions

PriceSpider is the world's only commerce platform that gives complete control of the customer journey back to brands, with a powerful combination of digital shelf analytics tools and shoppable solutions to:

Grow market share

Increase sales & profitability

Reduce costs

Protect brand equity

Earn & retain customer loyalty

Sell more products everywhere

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Command your brand

PriceSpider’s end-to-end commerce platform gives brands actionable insights at every stage of the customer journey, empowering them to build seamless omnichannel experiences that:

  • Open the path to purchase for shoppers to buy when, where and how they prefer

  • Ensure shoppers get high quality, consistent brand experiences at every point of purchase

  • Build stronger commerce relationships with data insights that benefit brands and the retailers who sell their products most

  • Cross-reference sales data and buyer behavior insights to increase sales across the digital shelf

  • Give complete control of the customer journey back to brands

Discover how the biggest consumer brands optimize their customer journey with the PriceSpider brand commerce platform​.

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