Spider Spotlight: Ark Zaydman, Strategic Partnerships Manager

For our latest Spider Spotlight, we asked our Strategic Partnerships Manager, Ark Zaydman, to tell us more about his time at PriceSpider and his vision for the future of ecommerce. We asked, and Ark answered.

We asked: What is your favorite part about working at PriceSpider?

There are really two things. The first is the people I get to work with. That could be a cliche thing to say sometimes, but I mean it when I say that I am currently working with the best possible team of people that I could fathom working with. The next is the freedom to innovate. It has allowed me and the Partnerships team to go out and create things that have benefited us tremendously.

We asked: What’s an accomplishment you’re proud of since working at PriceSpider?

I’m proud of the work I’ve done to help PriceSpider more effectively utilize the Retailer Partnerships team and our ability to use data to tell compelling stories. We continue to find new, more exciting ways to engage our retailer network that fuels our Where to Buy platform and helps them form stronger, more expansive relationships with PriceSpider clients. Giving our retailer base a voice in the conversation is vital to our customer’s success, and this has proven true over and over again.

We asked: How do you think PriceSpider propels brands into the next generation of e-commerce?

I think that our openness to allow our teams and employees to innovate and try just about anything is allowing us to discover new technology (AI), and rediscover more efficient ways to use existing technology (our industry leading crawling capabilities) to help our customers find new avenues of growth with their business.

We asked: What advice would you give companies that want to build a bigger, better brand?

Listen very closely to the people in your organization who are on the ground level and doing the day-to-day work. They often have the greatest insight into what can keep your company moving with positive momentum.

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