Curbside Pickup: Is Your Brand Keeping Up with Your Retailers?

Curbside pickup has been around for years. But while it used to be a convenience most retailers couldn’t afford to offer, 2020 has made it a safety precaution every store is racing to implement. It’s another element of BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) but takes it a step further…you don’t even have to get out of your car.

Consumers are using BOPIS with curbside pickup options to avoid crowds and decrease their risk of spreading or contracting COVID-19, and they’re actively looking for stores that offer this service. According to Google Trends, interest in curbside pickup has massively increased since the pandemic reached the US, and it’s held steady as the service continues to normalize.

As new retail partners offer curbside pickup, you want these buying options highlighted on your website, whether it’s through a major chain store or a local mom and pop shop. That way your customers can always select their preferred path to purchase directly through your website.

So, how do you make that happen?

Make curbside pickup options visible

Where to buy solutions make it easy to let your customers choose the stores they want to buy from. But not all of these solutions are the same. Right now, it’s crucial that you have a solution that lets you display buying options for your products. Once you decide on the retailers, many, like Target or Walmart, offer or buy online, pickup in store (BOPIS) with curbside pickup service . 

For customers who are most concerned about COVID (or have grown accustomed to the convenience), this is a major factor in their purchase decision—so put it up front. As they compare your best retail partners, they should see which nearby stores have their preferred buying option.

Without this visibility on your product pages, your customers may find themselves jumping from retailer to retailer in search of a store that will let them pickup your product without getting out of their car and fighting the crowds. And every time they have to check another retailer, it makes buying your product more work and decreases the chance that they will complete their purchase.

But since many retailers are racing to expand their buying options right now, you might be wondering: what happens when your retail partners start offering new options? How soon can you display those on your site?

Your retailers are evolving—are you?

As the landscape of online shopping changes, don’t leave your customers guessing where they can choose their preferred buying options. Our Where to Buy solution lets you show your customers accurate, up-to-date pricing, stock availability, and buying options like Curbside Pickup.

Talk to an expert today, and see how Where to Buy can help your brand increase conversions and better serve your customers.

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