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Stacie Condurachi

Stacie Condurachi


Stacie Condurachi provides leadership over all HR functions, including growing and retaining top talent as well as creating and implementing new programs to enhance the PriceSpider company culture. She helps guide and support the global growth of the organization and its employees by focusing on organizational development, talent acquisition, talent advancement and alignment within the business strategy. With an impressive professional history and deep industry knowledge of the marketing and personnel sectors, Condurachi previously served as HR director for The Sandbox Agency, tenure as director of HR for ymarketing, and HR manager for Doner Advertising.

Outside of her role at PriceSpider, Condurachi is involved in several charities, including Caterina’s Club and PaStars as a volunteer and an organizer. She is focused on building a give-back program for PriceSpider to help benefit local and national nonprofit organizations.