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Mike Fioravanti


Mike Fioravanti brings over 20 years of experience in sales management and digital retail to his role as vice president of global digital solutions at PriceSpider. Throughout the impressive trajectory of his successful career, Fioravanti has closed nearly $200 million in revenue, while working for companies such as Adaptec, Digital River, NEC, and Sony.

As the first official sales representative for PriceSpider, Fioravanti pioneered the PriceSpider sales process, which has helped lead the company in its remarkable year-over-year growth. Today, in his VP position, Fioravanti introduces PriceSpider’s proprietary technology to global consumer brand manufacturers that need help solving critical business problems. He understands that no two clients are alike – and that finding solutions to their ecommerce challenges requires mutual collaboration and often unique, custom-modified offerings.

Fioravanti holds a certificate in computer programming from National University. When he is not immersed in the world of ecommerce, he enjoys making puns and spending time with his wife and two daughters.