Channel Reports

Know your Competition

Channel Reports from PriceSpider helps your team to track product competitors, monitor prices, and view seller ratings and reviews.

Use one single place to hear all the beautiful things people are saying about your products.

See what consumers are saying about your products.

  • Get the most valuable source of feedback directly from consumers across seller’s websites
  • View a total summary of seller ratings for each product
  • Use consumer’s comments toward future product adjustments and pricing
  • Take swift corrective action when needed
channel report values

Watch your competitors, your resellers and your products

Competitor Price Monitoring

Competitor Price

See how each one of your product’s prices compares to your competition across the entire retail channel.

Price History & Erosion

Price History &

See what happens when one seller makes a price change to your product and other sellers decide to match it or beat it.

Email Monitoring


Track your reseller’s emails to understand unknown traffic patterns and see how your products are being marketed.

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