PriceSpider Launches PS Connect to Benefit Both Retailers and Manufacturers

PriceSpider Press Release

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PriceSpider, a leader in retail technology solutions, would like to introduce PS Connect, an advanced new service offering benefits for manufacturers and retailers. In addition to improving efficiency and enhancing communication, PS Connect supports retailers’ ability to submit applications to manufacturers, while also providing a simplified way for manufacturers to manage the network of retailers they work with.

This innovative solution from PriceSpider effectively bridges the gap between manufacturers and their retail partners.

PS Connect’s dashboard enables retailers to streamline the process for becoming an authorized seller, allowing them to easily submit applications directly to the manufacturer. Retailers also have access to critical details from the manufacturer, including product news and updates, policy information, and sales and traffic data driven to the retailer from a specific manufacturer.

At the same time, this service also provides key advantages for manufacturers. PS Connect allows for the most efficient view of all submitted retailer applications, streamlining manufacturers’ management of their retail partners. PS Connect ensures manufacturers are in a better position to provide product details and news to retailers while more easily growing their retail network.

This centralized management solution is a direct result of customer feedback, cementing PriceSpider’s commitment to providing manufacturers and retailers with the innovative services they require to stay ahead of the industry.

“This service is a win-win for both manufacturers and retailers, providing benefits on both sides of the coin,” said Anthony Ferry, CEO of PriceSpider. “Retailers can easily apply to a manufacturer’s authorized seller program, and the manufacturer can easily share important information with authorized sellers.”


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PriceSpider is a retail technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior. The company uses the PriceSpider technology to power its tools – Where to Buy, Ratings & Reviews, MAP Monitoring and Channel Reports – to reveal the secrets of exactly what people buy, as well as where, how, and even when. PriceSpider’s insights and recommendations help manufacturers, marketers, and retailers radically improve their marketing impact, retail sales and revenues.

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