PriceSpider introduces Sale Alert, helping brand manufacturers gauge product interest

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IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — PriceSpider, a retail technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior, announced today a new service that helps brand manufacturers build targeted marketing campaigns based on product interest. With Sale Alert, brand manufacturers can gauge interest for certain products based on the number of notification requests for price changes from consumers.

Marketers are always looking for ways to build and segment their customer profiles, and when a consumer is willing to exchange their information for product updates, it displays true interest. With Sale Alert, brands can measure the interest for certain products based on the number of submissions for price change requests from consumers. That measurement enables brands to create highly targeted marketing campaigns ensuring the most value for their marketing dollars. In addition to building customer profiles, manufacturers can also shorten the path to purchase and track conversions.

For the consumer, receiving notification is simple. Consumers enter their email address on a brand manufacturer’s product detail page for notification when a product price drops. The moment the price changes, consumers will be notified via email and can take advantage of the lowest price possible.

“Brand manufacturers that use PriceSpider’s Where to Buy service already have experience with this type of functionality, but Sale Alert builds upon those benefits,” explained PriceSpider CEO Anthony Ferry. “With this service brands can create highly targeted marketing campaigns, grow and refine their customer profiles, and even begin conversations about future products based on the level of interest.”

Sale Alert can be used as an add-on service in conjunction with PriceSpider’s Where to Buy solution. To find out more about how Sale Alert can benefit your company, contact PriceSpider today at

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PriceSpider is a retail technology company that provides insights about consumer purchasing behavior. The company uses the PriceSpider technology to power its tools – Where to Buy, Ratings & Reviews, MAP Monitoring and Channel Reports – to reveal the secrets of exactly what people buy, as well as where, how and even when. PriceSpider’s insights and recommendations help manufacturers, marketers, and retailers radically improve their marketing impact, retail sales and revenues.

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